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In the Kitchen with Kat Treats

All things yummy featuring our in-house foodie, Kat, with family favorite recipes (for people) that we call Kat Treats!
In the Kitchen

This Dog Blogs (& Feline Friends)

Our bloggin' dog mascot and friends bring part poetry, photography and video - all with puppy love!
this dog blogs
  • Friends Of Ruby

    Dogs are here to teach us that life is short. And it’s best lived when you’re happy being the real you, truly showing up to enjoy the simplest moments while wagging your tail all along the way.

  • Ruby’s 2016 St. Paddy’s Day Haiku


    Ruby the four-pawed clover is over the moon to share a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Haiku with all of you. We wish everyone a day full of luck, love, good cheer, and plenty of green beer!

  • Ruby’s Valentine’s Day Haiku 2.14.16


    We hope that you have a special someone to fall in love with, perhaps all over again, today and every day. May your light and love brightly shine on Valentine’s Day!

  • Ruby’s 2016 New Year Haiku


    The first of January ushers in a new year full of promise. It’s a time for reflection, resolutions, and renewal. The bloggin’ dog is more than ready to give 2016 a big, sloppy kiss hello. How about you?

  • Ruby’s 2015 Christmas Haiku


    Ruby may have a cold nose, but he sends warm greetings through his holiday haiku. From the MyUntangled family to yours, may you have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas.

  • Ruby’s 2015 Thanksgiving Haiku


    As autumn delivers crisp air and fallen leaves, let Ruby’s Thanksgiving haiku warm your heart, lift your spirits, and bring gratitude your way. All of your MyUntangled friends wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers


    Are you making your list and checking it twice? We’ve gathered our favorite gifts for pets and pet lovers so you’ll be able to buy the perfect present for all the animals and animal lovers on your list.

  • Ruby’s 2015 Halloween Haiku


    Our bloggin’ dog mascot is raising the barre and getting a leg up on a tutu sweet 2015 Halloween haiku! Wishing y’all a Happy Howl-O-Ween from Ruby and the MyUntangled staff!

  • 2015 4th of July Haiku


    Ruby may be a blue heeler, but in July he is all things red, white, AND blue. The bloggin’ dog shares his festive and patriotic feelings with a 2015 4th of July haiku and photo shoot. Happy Independence Day!

  • 2015 Happy Father’s Day Haiku


    Ruby plucked a sunflower necktie from his dad’s tie rack and got to work on a Father’s Day haiku. The bloggin’ D.O.G is celebrating this very special D.A.D holiday in style!

  • 2015 Happy Mother’s Day Haiku


    Ruby offers all the love in his heart along with a beautiful bouquet in honor of Mother’s Day 2015. This happens to be his favorite holiday of them all. He is a mama’s boy, after all!

  • Ruby’s 2015 Easter Haiku


    The bloggin’ dog hops onto the scene to wish everyone a Happy Easter 2015. This is no yolk! Crack open Ruby’s latest holiday haiku while you enjoy Sunday brunch or during a festive Easter egg hunt.

  • My Ultimate Pet’s Rejeneril Review and Giveaway!


    Review and Giveaway! Bloggin’ Dog Ruby tests and reviews the pet dietary supplement Rejeneril®. You’d be barking mad not to enter our giveaway because one lucky reader will win their very own bottle!

  • Ruby’s 2015 St. Paddy’s Day Haiku


    Ruby O’Shamrock is a blue heeler, but his heart beats green at this time of year. The bloggin’ dog shares his Irish hound pride with a 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Haiku and photo shoot. Éirinn agus Ruby go Brách!

  • Ruby’s Valentine’s Day Haiku 2.14.15


    You can’t fight your heart’s desire, especially on Valentine’s Day. Ruby the bloggin’ dog wishes you all a day filled with mushy, gushy love, doggone it!

  • Ruby’s 2015 New Year Haiku


    The beginning of a new year is the best time to pause, reflect, and move on better than ever. Our contemplative canine does just that in his New Year Haiku.

  • Ruby’s 2014 Christmas Haiku


    The holiday season is just one reason unconditional love feels so good. Ruby is wrapped in the holiday glow, and he is ready to share his flow. Happy Haiku!

Hail to the Chief Geek

Bits and bytes for fellow freaks and geeks from the desk of Jacob, the MyUntangled Chief.
chief geek

Rants and Raves

A little bit of everything - DIY, reviews and news, things worth sharing, guest posts, rants & raves!
rants and raves
  • Clothing Money Saving Ideas

    If you’ve recently organized your closet, you probably have room to buy some clothes. There’s no need to break the bank, though. Dress to impress your wallet with my eight ways to save money on clothes.

  • Meow Mix Brushing Bites

    My favorite feline foster, Allie, thinks that the New Meow Mix Brushing Bites are purrfect. Since they help reduce plaque and tartar while serving as a scrumptious treat, it’s no wonder they are always at the top of Allie’s must-have list!

  • Bitdefender BOX Digital Protection

    As Chief Geek, I am responsible for ensuring the security of my personal and professional devices. That just got easier thanks to the Bitdefender BOX! And did I mention there’s a giveaway? Well, there is!

  • Postcard from Florida Keys Flavors

    The Florida Keys is home to five districts, each with their own personality and attractions which makes exploring the flavors of the Florida Keys one tasty adventure!

  • Peep the Technique

    Get ready to place your peepers on some awesome Peeps-inspired cocktails, recipes, pet products, DIY arts and crafts, and so much more. Happy Easter, MyUntangled peeps!

  • Grain-Free Cat Treats to Fight Winter Boredom for Emma

    When was nice enough to offer Emma some new treats to review, she pounced on the chance. She found a 7 ingredient recipe that purrfectly fit into her grain-free life.

  • 6 Easy Ways to Trim Your Food Budget

    The holidays are over which makes it a great time to tighten up your belt…in more ways than one. Budgeting for food and saving money on meals is made easy thanks to these 6 tips.

Healthy living

Workout tips, healthy recipes and more - stop the insanity and untangle into a healthy lifestyle!
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Organize it, decorate it, do-it-yourself, around the house!
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