For some of our readers the summer is fast approaching, and for others, spending time outdoors is a year-round way of life. I’ve been stalking the internet for some home improvement inspirations since my big move to a tropical climate, and recently came across this infographic. I’m not sure about the Koi pond, but an outdoor bar with mood lighting and some pumped up beats make for a perfect evening at my house!

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My name is Jacob but my friends call me Jake. Due to some strange cosmic alignment, a high percentage of the rest of the world calls me Jason. So I answer to all three. By day, I'm Chief Geek at MyUntangled Media, LLC, and co-founder of animal charity, Friends of Ruby. By night, I am part struggling musician, frustrated writer, wanna-be chef, and obsessed dog lover. I started this blog mainly to test out new stuff in WordPress, work on my design and writing skills, and showcase some folks with all kinds of talents and great stuff to say. Thanks for getting untangled with us!

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