Andy | Gas Buddy

For one reason or another, I’m always driving around to many different places. What’s great about GasBuddy is you can, with the touch of a button, “Find Gas Near Me” and compare the prices at all the different stations. What’s great is the filtering. You can either sort by price or by distance. If you’re wondering, yup, you can even do it by grade. Best part, having an account is optional.

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Emma Cat | Mew Mew Tower

My favorite app is a game, Mew Mew Tower. The goal of the game is to stack a bunch of cats of different sizes on top of one another as high as you can go. I like high places. I’d like to be the cat on the very top. The best part of the game is the meows the cats make. They are quite realistic. I mean, imagine having a whole bunch of cats piled on you!

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Jake | Coffitivity

I can’t believe I was just recently introduced to this app but some things are worth waiting for. According to their website, research shows that it’s hard to be creative in a solitary environment but “the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee house is proven to be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.” I could not agree more and have done my best work by far in coffee shops all up and down the eastern seaboard. I’ve also found the shots of espresso don’t hurt either! And…I’m writing this post in a coffee shop. But anyway, download this app!

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I’m always looking for ways to save money and love finding apps that can help me reach my financial goals. With too many too mention individually here, you’ve got to check out this article from which features 34 FREE money saving apps to help you shop smarter!

Kat | OurGroceries

This app allows you to keep shopping lists for multiple stores and is probably the one I use the most. You can share the lists with other people so that you can both be adding to the grocery list or so that either one of you will have the list handy when at the store. Once you have added an item it will stay in the store or be saved to autocomplete should you add it to another store’s list. You can add a quantity (if you need 2 boxes of tissues, for example). Once in the store, you simply tap to remove an item from the list once you’ve added it to your cart. If you need the same item next trip, just tap and it will be added to the list. The other feature I really like is that you can add ingredient lists for recipes. That way you can pick up what you need to make your favorite foods without having to have the recipe on hand.

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