I recently fell in love with Valspar’s beautiful blue hue, Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue, which I wrote about in my bedroom dresser makeover post. I had some paint leftover from the dresser project, and I thought it would be perfect for this curio cabinet makeover project.

Curio Cabinet Makeover #DIY

Supplies needed:

  • sand paper
  • primer
  • paint (both in Gloss finish)
  • a paint brush
  • foam rollers
  • a new cabinet knob

The three P’s: Prep, Prime, Paint

I removed the glass door and popped out the back wooden panel in order to make sanding and painting easier. I used 220-grit sandpaper with my electric sander then I sanded by hand with 320-grit for a smooth finish. The cabinet had some sanding residue on it, so I wiped it down with a clean white cloth. Next, I applied the primer with a paintbrush. I let the primer dry overnight and I applied the paint the following day. I used Valspar Ultra White for the cabinet body and the Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue for the back panel. A paint brush worked well in the corners and for the detail work, while a 4 inch foam roller was perfect for the cabinet shelves, top, sides and back panel.

Nautical Knob

I reattached the door, put the back panel in place, and installed the new cabinet knob. I had decided to put the cabinet in my guest room, which has a nautical them, so I ordered the Sumner Street 1-1/2-in Nautical Stripe Round Cabinet Knob from Lowes. At $2.97 with free shipping or store pickup, I think I reeled in a great deal with this cabinet knob.

On the cabinet shelves I intend to display conch shells and sea glass found during walks on the beach with future house guests.

The Finished Product!

DIY Nautical Cabinet #Makeover

Have you ever done a curio cabinet makeover? If so, please let me know how it turned out.
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