Has this ever happened to you? You move in with your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other and now you have the task of “merging” your lives? Though I am happy to be living with my boyfriend, it has been a challenge trying to find room for all the added things. Sharing closets, dressers, desk space, etc. has had me on an organizing craze.

One of the latest projects I decided to work on was organizing our DVD/VHS (Yes VHS) collections. We don’t have much room in our entertainment cabinet so we needed to sort what we wanted to keep, toss and donate.

Once I saw what we had remaining, I went to Target to see how I could possibly store the DVDs.  I knew I didn’t want a DVD stand. Not really having the room for it and not liking the looks of most of them, I decided to pass. I then thought about putting all the DVDs into a CD case. It would save a lot of room but I didn’t like that I couldn’t easily see what I had. I also wanted to keep them alphabetized which would have be difficult to do.

That is why I decided on these DVD sleeves.

It was what I was looking for. I could easily see all the DVD’s and keep the cover art. Perfect!

 I found this nifty box to store them in. It has adjusting corners on the inside for easier storage.

Which was great because I had fewer DVD’s than I realized. The adjustable corners make it so much easier to keep them up.

I have so much more room now and I so happy. Even my little one has room to hang out.

I feel a little more at ease now that one project is done. Now I just need to figure out what I am going to do with all the leftover DVD cases.  I feel another crafting project coming on. :)


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