My friend Ruby told me how much fun it is to blog. I wasn’t sure, but then he told me that sometimes people send you treats if you will write about how much you liked them! Once I heard this, I thought this just might be a good idea. As the Chief Geek and Kat of KatTreats know, I am a discerning snacker. A treat might look fancy, but if it doesn’t taste good, I’ll leave it right there on the floor and walk away. How boring.

emma yawn

Recently I had to go in the car and to the place where they put you on the table, poke you, and only sometimes give you treats. They told my people that I shouldn’t eat grain and should try to avoid chicken. This meant I had to try a whole bunch of new foods that I didn’t like. (I still pretend that I don’t really like some of them, but secretly I do, like my new, grain-free dry food by Orijen.) Ruby has a special diet too. He mentioned that has many foods that are human and pet approved, plus are appropriate for special dietary needs.

Treats for Finicky Cats

When Ruby told about my new diet, they were nice enough to offer to send me some new grain-free treats! I got to pick from a selection of three flavors from Natural Balance. I chose the Natural Balance Perfect Bites Salmon Formula Cat Treats because salmon is usually my favorite. The package was delivered VERY quickly in a box addressed to me! (I got to play in the box later.) These treats did not disappoint. Now I make sure to greet my people at the door when they come home so they will reward me with treats. I am hoping for many more boxes from to be delivered to me in the future now that my people know what a great selection they have.

Thank you! Products

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Kat has enjoyed baking and cooking for as long as she can remember. Her grandmother, Rita, was a great baker—especially of pies. Inspired by Rita, Kat began to be the one to bring dessert to family events. (Her grandfather, Stu, used to say that “Kat is bringing dessert” were some of his favorite words.) Often her family will hide the Christmas cookies she gives them when they have guests in the house. Her husband is a great tester of Kat Treats. When Kat is not baking or blogging, she works in higher education (but secretly dreams that some day she might open a treat truck or bakery/bookstore).

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