Interested in learning how to plant your own garlic? Watch the video and follow the simple steps outlined below for planting in the fall and harvesting next season.

  • Start with head of seed garlic from farmer’s market or local farm stand, for best results. Choose hard neck variety, which will produce garlic scapes in the spring.
  • Remove outer layers of paper. Break head into individual cloves. Each clove planted will grow into one head of garlic.
  • Dig small trench 4 inches deep. Place each clove into trench spaced 6 to 8 inches apart with root end of garlic pointing down (toes down, heads up).
  • Cover trench with soil. Add thick layer of compost atop trench. Cover compost with 6 to 8 inches of leaves.
  • Garlic continues to grow roots in the winter and will produce a shoot in the spring
  • Keep garlic well watered in the spring. Garlic scape can be harvested in May.
  • Garlic plant will be ready for harvest in July, when green shoot is half brown. Dig garlic and cure in basement or barn.

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