Dog Hip and Joint Pain can be Ruff

Many of you know I have canine diabetes. I also have what my vet calls “senior eyes”. My diabetes and diminished eye sight don’t really bother me. My 13-year-old eyes don’t have any problem locating the homemade dog food in my bowl! The health issue I find troublesome is the pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility in my left hind leg and hip. Mom calls it my “football injury”, and dad refers to it as my “trick leg”. I love these people, but sometimes they don’t make a damn bit of sense. I have never played football. I’m not the sort of dog to do tricks, either. Dad doesn’t lie down, roll over, or sit nicely before diving into a sleeve of cookies. I think he would perform tricks for cookies, though. On the other hand, I fancy myself far too sophisticated and serious to do tricks for food. I was, however, very excited to treat my leg and hip issues with veterinarian recommended Rejeneril®. It is a cellular supplement clinically proven to reduce joint pain and boost my natural energy. My Ultimate Pet, the creator of Rejeneril®, is passionate about providing fur-kids like me with a superior pet dietary supplement.

Rejeneril Supplement for Animals

Rejeneril® Dietary Supplement for Pets

My Ultimate Pet generously sent me a bottle of Rejeneril® to test. This liquid dietary supplement may be added directly to your pet’s food. Pets of all ages and species can benefit from this product. The antioxidant formula in this supplement helps your dog, cat, horse, or other pet lead a healthier life. I have been getting the drops added to my food each day for about a month. My humans have noticed an improvement in my usual stiffness. There has been a reduction in my limp, and it does not take me as long to get warmed up during my walks. It has been nice for me to have more energy, mobility, and vitality. This blue heeler intends to be a silver fox for a long time to come. Ladies, call me.

Ruby is a Silver Fox with Rejeneril Dietary Supplements

Extra Savings

Fellow pet, if you want to try this effective, non-toxic dietary supplement then get your human to enter our Rejeneril® giveaway! Get a leg or whisker up on building a stronger immune system. Start to reduce the pain of arthritis and joint pain, and begin to improve your overall health. Take advantage of a 15% discount by using the discount code Untangled when you place your order at My Ultimate Pet. Feel free to share this coupon with all your human family and friends.

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Ruby spent his early days on the lam roaming the mean streets of Grafton, WV. When he was caught, he was charged with a Class D Misdogmeanor: Failure to be a good hunting dog. As part of a plea deal, he was extradited to a frozen tundra known as New England. It was there that he rescued two humans, assumed a girl’s name, and never looked back. In 2008, Ruby spent seven days in the hospital near death with diabetic ketoacidosis. He lived with canine diabetes for the rest of his life, almost eight years, and through his blogging has helped countless friends around the world with his diabetic dog food recipe, Ruby Stewbie. In 2013, he convinced his humans to move south to the warm weather and beautiful coast of North Carolina. He was always a southern charmer, after all, and his blue heeler blood was homesick. He enjoyed every single moment of his retirement. It was filled with all the finer things in life: walks on the beach, napping, getting belly rubs, and giving sweet kisses. On May 4th, 2016, Ruby passed peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his pack. He lived 14 glorious years thanks to someone who picked him up and drove him far away, to a no-kill shelter, and into the arms of love. He remained a lover, not a hunter. Join Ruby in barking out to animals and their rescuers at Friends of Ruby.

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