This blog has undergone many face lifts in the past, but the average lifespan of a website is really only around 2 years so with that in mind, we were actually overdue for a change. I have no problem admitting that I’d rather play around with than any other website I work on, but that little issue of how to pay the bills always ruins my fun!! Until now, that is.

Of the dozens of WordPress websites I’ve built over the last few years, almost all of them have run on PageLines, which appeared on the scene when most folks were sleepwalking through Thesis and Genesis. I don’t follow the masses and was never really fond of either of those platforms so I decided to give PageLines a try. I started out with their original product, Platform Pro and quickly migrated over to the next version, PageLines 2.0. Last month they introduced their latest and greatest with a product called DMS (Design Management System). I signed up to be a beta tester right away and needed a site to experiment and learn on and well…you’re lookin’ at it. Welcome to the new

Before, meet after.

MyUntangledLife on WordPress
Sure, it looks different but the real difference is under the hood, and into the future. (This is where it gets kinda geeky.) Our original site was built on an entirely custom theme with limited bells and whistles. When I wanted to add functionality, change look and feel, or just update to constantly evolving web standards, I was almost starting from scratch each time and spending countless hours breaking things as opposed to making them better. The only other option out there would have been to purchase a premium theme. My experience with client sites running those taught me there is nothing premium about a premium theme and in the end, I’d still be in the same boat if not worse.

With PageLines DMS, everything is different.

Built in under the hood of this incredible software is everything I’d ever need to create beautiful, ever-evolving websites;  fully semantic markup, Bootstrap galore, LESS libraries, modular on-demand sectioning and loading, dynamic templating and child themes, hooks, APIs and it’s all open source (now we’re getting really geeky)! But perhaps the biggest difference is the user interface – an entirely drag and drop framework that allows for back-end editing from the front-end. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and it’s truly the bomb.

What you see now is just the first phase of this site’s reconstruction and will likely remain a work in progress for some time to come. I’ve got a long list of things left to do and since we’re all friends here, I’ve gotta be honest and warn you that there is a learning curve with DMS and I’m still riding it. In my opinion, no website template or framework or theme or design management system will ever be able to give you the kind of professional websites and blogs that everyone wants without having to know any code whatsoever. It’s just not possible, and frankly I’m thankful for that since MyUntangled Media pays the bills, remember that paying the bills part? But the reality is, you have to start somewhere when it comes to website design and development and I’m busting out the gate with PageLines DMS from this point on. Who’s with me?

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My name is Jacob but my friends call me Jake. Due to some strange cosmic alignment, a high percentage of the rest of the world calls me Jason. So I answer to all three. By day, I'm Chief Geek at MyUntangled Media, LLC, and co-founder of animal charity, Friends of Ruby. By night, I am part struggling musician, frustrated writer, wanna-be chef, and obsessed dog lover. I started this blog mainly to test out new stuff in WordPress, work on my design and writing skills, and showcase some folks with all kinds of talents and great stuff to say. Thanks for getting untangled with us!

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