If you go to the right place, sometimes a trip just an hour away can feel like a full vacation. A daytrip (or, even better, an overnight) to Rockport, Massachusetts in Cape Ann is just that sort of place.

Postcard from Rockport, MA

My friends and I have started a new tradition of coming up here for a girls weekend in the spring. In the summer this place is full of vacationers eating ice cream or lobster rolls as they stroll among the quaint shops and beach. Though there is plenty to do on an ordinary day, there are many festivals to liven up a weekend. This fall will feature the Cape Ann Artisans Tour and the 10th Annual Rockport Harvest Fest. The arts have long been important to this area made famous by Motif Number 1 (featured in our image). That spirit is still strong today.

Get to know Kathleen MacArthur (78 Posts)

Kat has enjoyed baking and cooking for as long as she can remember. Her grandmother, Rita, was a great baker—especially of pies. Inspired by Rita, Kat began to be the one to bring dessert to family events. (Her grandfather, Stu, used to say that “Kat is bringing dessert” were some of his favorite words.) Often her family will hide the Christmas cookies she gives them when they have guests in the house. Her husband is a great tester of Kat Treats. When Kat is not baking or blogging, she works in higher education (but secretly dreams that some day she might open a treat truck or bakery/bookstore).

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