My family was fortunate enough to take a trip to Summit County, Colorado in June. Summit County is about 60 miles west of Denver, with altitudes ranging from 8,000 to over 14,000 feet above sea level. While the altitude took a bit of time to adjust to, I never got used to being surrounded by the gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains.

Postcard from Summit County, Colorado

We stayed in the very quaint town of Frisco, which sits nestled between the mountains and the Dillon Reservoir. The town is close to the ski resorts of Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, and, just outside Summit County, Vail. Though with all this skiing, you might think winter would be their big season, you would be surprised to see all that the summer has to offer. The resorts and surrounding areas are open to different sorts of activities, like cycling, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, rafting, fishing, and golf. If outdoor activities are not your thing, it would be easy to spend your week shopping, dining, attending concerts and festivals, or just sitting with a book gazing at the mountains.

One of the best stops on our trip was to the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. Part of Ford Park in Vail, the gardens feature an impressive collection of alpine plants beautifully set amidst rock gardens and waterfalls. This was well worth the visit.

If you stop in Frisco, please be sure to get breakfast (or lunch) at the Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe. They have a great menu, with breakfast that are sure to have you fueled for an active day. They also have one of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever eaten. The cinnamon rolls were so good that my family went back to the Butterhorn for breakfast just to have them again.

Cinnamon Rolls from Butterhorn Bakery in Frisco, Colorado

Returning To Summit County, Colorado

There was so much more that I wish we could have done. In fact, I have started a list for a future visit, whether it be in winter or summer.

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