To all the pups out there I want to remind you how important it is to eat your veggies. They are nutritious, delicious, low in calories and loaded with vitamins. I love carrots. I eat them in all kinds of shapes and sizes: shredded, rippled chip, cooked and frozen. My personal favorite is the succulent and sweet baby carrot. They are always a treat to eat. Baby carrots require a two-step process so I have included a video how-to. As you will see in the video first I break the baby carrot in half. I eat the first half then enjoy the second half. I never forget to clean up any carrot crumbs that might have fallen on the floor. And I always make sure to check over my shoulder once or twice to make sure nobody is sneaking up to try and steal my carrot. It’s alright to chew with your mouth open – I always do!

Get to know Ruby (63 Posts)

Ruby spent his early days on the lam roaming the mean streets of Grafton, WV. When he was caught, he was charged with a Class D Misdogmeanor: Failure to be a good hunting dog. As part of a plea deal, he was extradited to a frozen tundra known as New England. It was there that he rescued two humans, assumed a girl’s name, and never looked back. In 2008, Ruby spent seven days in the hospital near death with diabetic ketoacidosis. He lived with canine diabetes for the rest of his life, almost eight years, and through his blogging has helped countless friends around the world with his diabetic dog food recipe, Ruby Stewbie. In 2013, he convinced his humans to move south to the warm weather and beautiful coast of North Carolina. He was always a southern charmer, after all, and his blue heeler blood was homesick. He enjoyed every single moment of his retirement. It was filled with all the finer things in life: walks on the beach, napping, getting belly rubs, and giving sweet kisses. On May 4th, 2016, Ruby passed peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his pack. He lived 14 glorious years thanks to someone who picked him up and drove him far away, to a no-kill shelter, and into the arms of love. He remained a lover, not a hunter. Join Ruby in barking out to animals and their rescuers at Friends of Ruby.

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