I’m not a fan of shameless self-promotion.

This may come as a surprise given the fact that a shot of my big, bald mug is directly below. But I’m actually giving a shout out and a big, fat “fanks” to someone else!

We meet all kinds of interesting peeps from all over the world and it’s really awesome to be able to learn and collaborate with like-minded dorks. Oretta Norris, an expert in internet marketing and social media management, is a perfect example. Oretta is founder of Social Media Hive, a London-based company which mainly focuses on a blended approach to teaching social media techniques and strategies via online video conferencing sessions. She calls it Tuition, which I had never heard before but which I think sounds a lot more swank than Tutoring, though it could just be her cool accent.

Anyway…after interacting with her on Facebook for a bit, she was kind enough (or crazy enough) to reach out to us for the chance to be interviewed for what she calls Friday Fanks. In her words, Friday Fanks is how she shows appreciation and gratitude to those who interact on her Facebook page each week. We go there to learn but we’ll take the plug and it was so much fun! I’m also happy to report I was able to teach her a fancy new word too. As you’ll see in the video, we’re slowly spreading some Haiku love around the globe so Oretta…I asked Ruby to write a special one just for you:

Fank you Oretta

Your online tuition rocks

See you at the hive!


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