Sometimes I miss the good ole days of the 56k modem. Back then, the standard website design principle was to keep the graphics to a bare minimum! Otherwise folks would have to enter your URL in their browser, and then go run some errands to pass the time while your site loaded. Not the best internet marketing strategy, unless you were preparing for what would happen over a decade later!

You may have noticed that things have changed quite a bit since the late ’90s. Cable modems, DSL, Fios, and the 3G, 4G networks attached to our front pocket computers can handle images pretty well. Load times are still important for websites (probably more important than ever), but imagery is the standard now. Pictures tell a story, logos brand the story, social media spreads the story and icons, timelines, profile images and gravatars come in what seems like a million different shapes and sizes.

I dabble in a little teaching and during a recent round of beginner social media classes the winner of the recurring question contest was “so how am I supposed to know what size to make all those things?” Great question. There have been many charts and graphs throughout the years and you could easily pull them up on Google or by following some good folks on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I personally have grown accustomed to keeping various cheat sheets and snippets of code or links in a whole notebook dedicated to this topic in Evernote. But the reality is they all go outdated before they even go viral and you never have everything all in one place. That answer doesn’t make you feel very untangled, right?

And then just like that BOOM! – the ultimate complete final social media sizing cheat sheet appears. This brilliant piece of work comes from LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics consulting company based in Pittsburgh. They are kind enough to create and share it PLUS they plan on maintaining it as sizes and platforms change. Bookmark this page, drag it to your desktop or file it in Evernote – whatever you do, with this cheat sheet you’ll always be on top of your social media game. Any questions?

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet LunaMetrics

Designed by LunaMetrics.
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