One of the best parts of summer is seeing everything come back to life after a long winter. Leaves are bright, plants emerge, birds (and bugs) return, and the days grow long. The season can move so quickly that one might miss it without paying special attention to new growth and arrivals. In honor of these changes, the MyUntangledLife team has been looking around the web for this special nature photos and video edition of Things Worth Sharing.


If all of a sudden you turned around and the spring flowers had bloomed and gone, this time-lapse video of flowers blooming is just for you.


Nature Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas always has amazing photos to share from his travels. This stunning video captures wildebeest as they migrate between Tanzania and Kenya. The video was a finalist in the TimeLapse category of the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.


Recent discoveries suggest that Brontosaurus does in fact differ enough to merit its own genus. These articles from Smithsonian and Wired do a great job of providing an overview of the historical debate and the new research.


There are so many great bird-related links lately, that this post includes three.

Laughing Gull, Double-crested Cormorant, Royal Tern. Photo: Constance Mier/Audubon Photography Awards

Laughing Gull, Double-crested Cormorant, Royal Tern. Photo: Constance Mier/Audubon Photography Awards

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, and more:

Photographer Joel Sartore is working on a project funded in part by National Geographic to take studio portraits of endangered animals and other zoo species so that a record of them is preserved. He calls it the Photo Ark. You can purchase photos to benefit the project as well.

Get out there and enjoy (after you’ve viewed all these stunning nature photos and video of course)!

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