Thursday, August 9th, 2012 marked the first bakeoff competition over at Fat Moon at Meadowbrook Farm in Westford, Massachusetts; the title being sought after was “Best Zucchini Bread.” Fat Moon proprietor and farmer extraordinaire Elizabeth Almeida, asked if there was a food blogger we could spare, as she was in need of another judge. The assignment came my way and I gladly accepted.

Two other bloggers/judges were present for the bakeoff, Kathi Dolan of The Full Fridge and Sally Rosenthal of How Does Your Garden Grow, who were both a delight. We didn’t waste much time and we got right down to the tasting. From left to right there was every type of zucchini bread imaginable (well maybe not, but there were a lot)—blueberry, poppy seed lemon, chocolate, mock apple (zucchini fried to taste like apple), banana, and the list goes on.

Now what is incredible is from the two categories we were asked to judge, child baked and adult baked, there was no hesitation amongst the judges of who the winners were for Blogger’s Choice. For the child baked, the clear winner was the Lemon Poppy Seed by Katherine Paxton. Here’s the thing with lemon, as I’m sure plenty of you know, too much of it is a bad thing. The flavor goes from sweet to bitter extremely fast, which sours and overpowers everything else. This bread had the perfect amount, the presence of lemon was there, the bread was moist (and still warm may I add) and the poppy seeds, well, popped in and out of taste with each bite. As for the adult baked bread, once again, with no quarrel, we decided on a fabulous Banana Zucchini Bread by Karen Hartman. The bananas used made all the difference. Again, like lemons, bananas being used too soon will have a tart taste whereas bananas getting to the end of their cycle are mooshy and bland. The flavor was rich and the cake was moist, not crumbling to pieces when picked up. With every bite, it would slowly reveal its flavor, subtle at first and leaving you wanting more as you finished.

Overall, there really were no losers, considering all the breads there were fantastic, but because my job there was to pick and choose, I feel we went with the ones that stood out the most. I will say, however, the child’s Blueberry Zucchini Bread by the Dolan Sisters was a very close runner up in my mind.

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