Looking back, it’s clear we may have had a few too many when we decided to crank out twelve consecutive holiday posts. On the other hand, I can’t believe it’s coming to an end already and here we are at number one.

While we were brainstorming and planning, I made a confession to my fellow bloggers, that I will now share with you. Throughout college and for more years after that than I care to admit to, I did the bulk of my holiday shopping at 24 hour pharmacies in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas eve. And to this day, a large, quality, 24 hour pharmacy is still my absolute #1 favorite place to shop for the holidays.

I know, I know, I know. Hear me out. I was trying to make it as a musician in those years. I was a night owl, waiting tables or bartending or playing gigs. I was broke. At the CVS or Walgreens, or some other chain like that, things were marked down already by then and you couldn’t beat the selection for one stop shopping from cards to chocolate samplers, to candles, lights and even dreidels. Hop over one aisle to the left to grab your wrapping paper, tissue, a bag of bows and off you go! What’s not to love?

To this day, I’m just not what most would consider a good gift giver. Partially my issue is procrastination. But more so than that, I think the issue is I’m more of a spontaneous, giving for the sake of giving kinda guy. I have problems with all holidays because of this. I LOVE me some new stuff, don’t get me wrong! But I always find in my life, the gifts that I’m most thankful for aren’t available for purchase anywhere.

I can’t thank my fellow bloggers enough. I’m just so blessed to share this forum with Andy, Beth, Elizabeth, Joanne, Kat, Michelle and Ruby, of course, the greatest gift my wife ever brought home. This is a blog built on WordPress and love for sure. We’re all sort of moonlighters here, working our day jobs and trying to stay untangled. We share a common desire to lead simple, honest, thoughtful lives. (We also share a love of eating, drinking, and pet photos.) Not to mention, a love of writing.

We’re psyched for 2013. We’ll be kicking off the new year with a couple of new series, waking an old series up out of its slumber (my bad), and doing a little tidying up and freshening up of the blog under the hood. We’re very excited to share with you all and appreciate you reading and liking and following and tweeting what we do. Thanks to all of you and

Happy MyUntangled Holidays

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