[pl_alertbox type=”info”] Our 3rd annual Gifts for Geeks gift guide is a post I never thought I’d hand over to anyone else, but this year is different. Part of being a good Chief Geek is putting the right people in the right places. After just a few short weeks working with the new MyUntangledIntern, I knew she was a super-dork to be reckoned with. And after reading her first post a couple of weeks ago, it was clear she’s geekier and funnier than I am, not to mention she has youth on her side! So once again, I am incredibly proud to hand this post over to Kaley and happy to receive any of the items she lists as gifts! [/pl_alertbox]

I love Christmas! I mean, really, what’s not to love? Eggnog, ugly sweaters, Cousin Eddie and Christmas Vacation…come on. But, if there was any part of the holiday that could possibly put a damper on the jingle bells, it could be searching for that perfect gift for a perfect someone who is not-so-perfect to please. That’s where I come in. As a proud geek, consider me your go-to guru for those on your Christmas list who desire the latest and greatest in the world of fun (me included). Family and friends, please take note.

1. The Barman

The Barman - A great gift for geeks!

If you are like me…spending hours and hours in front of the computer screen might make you want to drink. The Barman scale and app are simply intoxicating (get it?). A battery-powered scale and an app for your smartphone are all you need to become the mixologist of your dreams. Select the drink you are thirsting for on your app and the ingredients will appear on your phone. Start pouring then STOP! The barman will also tell you when to stop pouring. I have always wanted to try different drinks, but I never know how to properly mix them. This is the answer to my prayers. Next round is on me. Well, on my phone anyways.

2. OwnPhone Wireless Headphones

OwnPhone - A great gifts for geeks!

Kickstarter is an amazing website. It has allowed people to take an idea and turn it into reality. I cannot wait for these custom fit-your-ear-perfectly headphones to come out in early 2015. The process is simple: you take a few pictures of your ears; they make a 3D image and turn it into wireless headphones. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, you can totally customize them any way you want! Everyone’s ears are different. Don’t worry, Dr. Spock, OwnPhones have your ears covered! Seriously, are you hearing what I’m saying?!

3. Smart Ring

Smart Ring - A gift for geeks!

The talk of 2014 has been smart watches. Apple will soon release its smart watch, and Samsung already has one out. Although these tickers are much cooler than the Timex of past, they can tend to run rather large. No worries, there is a simple solution. It is called the Smart Ring. The Smart Ring will allow you to read a text messages and tell you who is calling. The coolest thing is that you will not have to constantly check your cellphone—everything you need is on the inside of your hand. No longer will you have to hide your phone under the table during a super boring meeting; just “check the time.” Donating $75 to help fund the Smart Ring entitles you to claim one before they become available to the general public. That’s a bargain when you consider smart watches cost anywhere from $300+. With this beauty, you will have a whole lot more than just the time.

4. DIY Hidden Door Hinge

DIY Hidden Door Hinge - A great gift for geeks!

Who doesn’t like secrets? Well, unless they are being kept from you…but that is a whole different blog post. No, I am talking about a secret room in your house. With the DIY Hidden Door Hinge you can hide all of your electronics in a “hidden” room that no one even knows exists! In the event someone finds their way into your humble abode, all of your precious electronics remain completely safe.

5. Ultra Steel Precision Screwdriver Set

44pc Screwdriver Set - A great gift for geeks!

This is a geek must have! I am the proud tech-geek owner of this amazing (under $7) tool set. We have been through a lot together over the last two years, and not once has it ever disappointed me. We have taken apart computers, PlayStations, Nintendo, and anything else you can imagine. With 44 different screwdrivers, you will never be screwed.

6. fBOMB

fbomb Paperweight - A great gift for geeks!

Have you ever wanted to throw your computer out the window? Flip your desk over on a bad day? Now you can just drop the fBOMB. This paperweight will provide a little comic relief on your worst days. Disclosure: this paperweight cannot be dropped on anyone for comedic relief.

7. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug - A great gift for geeks!

How could we devoted Mario 2 fans ever forget the pixel hearts? After all, we dedicated much of our youth to the little mustached man and his darn princess. Now you can fill your pixel heart…well, cup up each morning in dedication to the Nintendo matriarch. The heart is black when the mug is empty, but when you fill it up with coffee, it turns red. You will be able to see if you’re almost out of coffee when your heart returns to black. I work very long hours so caffeine is a must for me. Might as well be stylish while drinking on the job. Everyone knows all the cool video game junkies wear their hearts on their mugs, right?

8. Cruiser Turntable

Cruiser Smartphone Turntable - A great gift for geeks!

Retro…here I come. This amazing turntable will allow you to attach your iPod or phone to rock out. You can play all of your jams right on the turntable. It will also play your amazing records. This handsome case even closes for easy access.

9. Motion Pet Activity Tracker

Motion Pet Activity Tracker - A great gift for geeks!

After a long day of nothing, it is important to get you and your pet moving. The Motion Pet Activity Tracker will monitor all of your dog’s activity. The collar is waterproof, so no worries if Ruby wants to take a swim. A companion app will allow you to see all of your best friend’s activity during the day. It is important for your pup to be in top-notch shape…with all the butt-sniffing that goes on and such.

10. Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler - A great gift for geeks!

What is cooler than being cool? ICE COLD! Living at the beach is heavenly. So, why not be the coolest at the beach? This Coolest Cooler is everything I have ever wanted out of a one-stop shop. Just like a normal cooler you can fill’er up with ice, but with this dandy item you have two different sections – one for ice and one for your favorite beverages. The reason you need to keep your ice separate is because you will need ice for your favorite cocktails (bottle opener included). That’s right, this Coolest Cooler comes with an 18v-powered blender. Do I even have to continue? While the cocktails are being made, you can jam out with the Bluetooth speakers. No worries of your phone dying because there is a USB charger included. Still not enough to convince you of its coolness? The party doesn’t stop when the sun goes down because this contraption has an LED light to keep the party rocking all night. Did you forget forks and plates? No worries the Coolest Cooler comes with the perfect supply of washable plates and forks. Clean up is a piece of cake. A gear tie-down is there to help with the long haul, and it’s easy to pull because of the extra wide wheel that will climb any sand dune. Hell, even if you don’t have anyone on your Christmas list who needs this – get it for yourself!

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