How to Save Money on Entertainment Expenses

Balancing being on a budget and still living your life can be difficult at times. It’s a give and take relationship. But being on a budget doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy yourself. Listed below are the top 10 ways I save money on entertainment.

10 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment -

1. Invest in Local Coupon Books: The Entertainment Book is a great way to save money on entertainment expenses at museums, restaurants, plays, and more. Their books are discounted several times throughout the year so keep an eye out. Coupon books are a sound investment given all the ways you’ll save money on entertainment. Be on the lookout for visitor guide books in hotel lobbies which include coupons to museums or local restaurants.

2. No Purchasing Books: I tend to purchase a book, read it once, and then it sits on a shelf never to be looked at again. As much as I love having a bookcase full of books, it’s just too much money that is being wasted. Instead borrow books from family or friends and utilize the local library as a way to save money on entertainment. What’s great is if I don’t care for a book I can always just return it, no harm done.

3. No Purchasing Music: Have you ever downloaded the new latest and greatest song and then get sick of it quickly because you hear it too many times on the radio? Instead of instantly downloading new music I am making a list of the songs I want. Then once every month I look back to see if I really do want to download the song(s) I have on my list. I have a very small budget for music so I’ll only choose a song or two to download. But I have to say, it’s funny how fast the list goes down after I step back and wait.

4. No Purchasing DVD’s: This goes back to my book point. I don’t watch too many movies but with all the different options out there now, I don’t really need to buy any more DVD’s. I am close to a Redbox which allows me to rent a new movie for under $2.00. My library also has a great selection of movies that I can take out for a week at a time for free!

5. Start a DVD/Movie Swap: Have some old movies or DVD’s that you no longer want?  Start a movie swapping group with your friends. It’s a great way to move along some old movies, get something you don’t have, pass along something you don’t care for and to just get together with your friends. Save money on entertainment and socialize when you make a night of it and watch a movie together. Also, check out my DVD organization project for easy and inexpensive DIY storage ideas.

6. Sign Up to Receive Tickets for Movie Screenings: I have been to several movie screenings before the movie is released for free. You can sign up with sites such as Gofobo or AdvanceScreenings. They will usually ask you to fill out a short survey after the movie about your experience.

7. Sign Up to Receive Emails from Your Local Radio Station: Radio stations are constantly giving away prizes to their listeners. You don’t always have to call in to win. Some contests are just on their websites. I won tickets to see Carrie Underwood perform on The David Letterman show just by entering in my email address on a local radio station’s website. So it does work! Carrie Underwood tickets are pricey so this was a huge way for me to save money on entertainment.

8. Use Sites Such as Groupon, Living Social, or ScoreBig to Save on Events/Activities: I like to check these sites out every so often to see if there are any deals in the area. These sites give great ideas for dates. I even wrote a review of and scored big points with my boyfriend by snagging Red Sox tickets. I also check them out before going on a trip. They can give you an idea on how to save money on entertainment in a city that you might not find on a travel site. This lends itself to spontaneity and exploring different options.

9. Utilize the Local Library: My library is great. Not only can I check out books but also DVD’s, audio books, museum passes, and now cake pans! All for free! They also offer many different events, some for free or for a small fee. Going to the library is a great way to save money on entertainment for the whole family.

10. Check out AAA Member Benefits: AAA members have some great perks. You can get discounts on travel arrangements, movie tickets, car rentals, even 10% off at Payless Shoes. Some premium outlets even give you a coupon book for additional discounts if you just show your current AAA card.

Writing about all the ways I save money on entertainment makes me want to go out and do something fun (and cheap!). What are some of your favorite ways to save?