There has been so much Super Bowl frenzy, that it would be easy to overlook that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here are some ideas–both purchased and homemade–for you to consider as you plan for Valentine’s Day.

Five Treats You Can Purchase

Harbor Sweets makes really special chocolates. The Sweet Sloops are deservedly one of their most popular chocolates.

We received some Taza Chocolate as a gift for Christmas and find it so unique. They have some intriguing Valentine’s options.

Though I have not ordered her special Valentine S’mores, the regular ones are special enough. I have sent a gift from Sweet Lydia’s in the past and would definitely do so again.

Recently at a holiday fair I attended I had the opportunity to taste some of the delicious roasted and flavored nuts from Q’s Nuts and was really impressed. The key lime ginger almonds were great!

Just about everything from Stonewall Kitchen’s jam collection is enticing. However, after having purchased their Wild Maine Blueberry Champagne Jam I might never buy another flavor again. The berries are so tiny and perfect. The champagne is subtle, but adds a nice accent.

Nine Treats You Can Make

Red velvet is just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Last year I made Red Velvet Whoopie Pies for my office for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t use this particular recipe, but it is the one will try next.

If you haven’t fallen victim to the cake ball craze, these will make you fall hard. Bakerella’s cake pops are real works of art. Her Red Velvet Cake Balls look easy enough for any of us to try.

These Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies are high on my list of things to make in the near future.

I made these Red Velvet Cupcakes from Martha Stewart for a party at work. Some real cupcake aficionados proclaimed these some of the best they had eaten (and they aren’t the sort to flatter). They are definitely my go-to red velvet recipe.

Red Velvet not your thing? There are plenty of other options. As usual, Smitten Kitchen has a recipe that is both homey and has that little something special about it. Who could resist these White and Dark Hearted Brownies ?

The Bitten Word made a lovely-sounding Bon Appétit recipe for Bittersweet Cocoa Soufflés with Orange Blossom Cream for their Valentine’s Day last year.  How special those would be?

If you aren’t a chocolate lover, the Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream is an ideal treat.

This Almond Cake would be a great treat for me to make for my husband, but I have something else in mind…

Finally, in an ideal world, my Valentine’s Day morning would begin with the pancakes made by my husband. He won me over with these pancakes. I am sure he does little things differently, but his basic recipe is from Alton Brown.

Whatever you make and/or eat for Valentine’s Day, I hope you treat yourself (or your sweetie) to something a little special.