I can’t remember when I was first introduced to the Yankee Swap, but it was definitely at some office job and it’s possible I blocked it out. According to Wikipedia, this is a mainly North American phenomenon, also known as a White Elephant Exchange. The rules are simple, everyone brings an anonymous gift of their choice, normally within a specified price range. Then one by one, either by drawing numbers or going around a table, each participant has a chance to either grab a random gift and unwrap it OR grab an open gift right out from under someone’s nose. Sure, it may sound like a consumer driven exercise in greed, but somehow the spirit of the holidays prevails and it’s all in good fun.

For this post we each envisioned ourselves grappling with these difficult decisions and present two Yankee Swap gifts, one worth keeping and one you’d trade away!


Keep: Multi Purpose Envelope Wallet
This is a nifty little wallet that has so much storage. This is a keeper for me!

Swap: Maple Bacon Morning Coffee
Everyone claims that “Everything is Better with Bacon” but this combo to me just doesn’t sound good. This would be swapped out for me.


Keep: Skull Candy Ink’d Earbuds
Not bad in sound quality and very comfy, even after wearing them for an hour or more.

Swap: The Shake Weight
If you’ve seen the video, need I say more? This was an actual swap item I encountered last year…and hope to never encounter again.


Keep: West Elm’s Favorite Throw
This looks so cozy. At this time of year, who isn’t looking to curl up under a blanket to take a nap?

Swap: Boston Red Sox Temperature Gnome
This one breaks the budget a little bit, but I bet it would make for a lively swap. These are available for all of the MLB teams.


Keep: Energizer LED Folding Lantern
I got a similar type flashlight for camping and realized it makes a great flashlight to have in the house in case of a power outage because it stands on its own.

Swap: Mismatched Socks
I could never intentionally pull two mismatched socks from my drawer and wear them so I certainly would have to swap out this craziness.


Keep: Gift cards…from anywhere…for any amount. In my opinion they get a bad rap as the ultimate “cop out” gift but in swap-land, they are as good as gold. You can even design your own at spots like Giftcards.com.

Swap: Christmas lights necklace. You know you’ve seen these. They’re the ones that light up around your neck and you can even have them flash or travel. Lots of folks like to get jiggy and festive with it, but it’s a giveaway for me!

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