I like to add an extra personal touch to the gifts that I give. To me, it’s very easy to run out to the store and purchase a gift bag or wrapping paper (which I will admit that I do!) and wrap up a gift. But when the opportunity arises where I can do a little something extra to give the gift a little more meaning, I try and do it. Below are a list of handmade gift wrapping ideas that I am in love with this holiday season.

Decorated Cookie Tins

I make several batches of homemade cookies every year for my family. I decided to spice up the packaging this year with somes tins that I found inspiration for on Pinterest. Throughout the year I collected cookie tins and then spray-painted them on the outside. With a few stickers, embellishments, and recycled cards, I created a new way to give out my holiday treats this year.

Reindeer Hot Cocoa Mix

For gifts for work, I wanted to keep things simple yet give something with a personal touch. I made homemade hot chocolate mix and put the mixture in treat bags. (I think pastry bags would work better if you can find them small enough.) I added stick-on eyes and a red pompom (using a glue gun), tied it with a brown pipe cleaner and voila, I transformed this gift into an adorable reindeer. I printed Holiday Gift Tags from Angie Lee at TipJunkie.com to make this project complete!

Gift Tags from Recycled Christmas Cards

Another crafty idea I found on Pinterest is to make your own gift tags out of old Christmas cards. I purchased a gift tag puncher from Michael’s and went to town making my own tags with recycled Christmas cards. With some ribbon that I purchased at Marshall’s on clearance, I was able to make lots of cute tags to add to my gifts this year and next.

Handmade Gift Bags from Envelopes and Fancy Tape

An idea that I haven’t had the chance of making yet is these adorable bags made from envelopes and tape from HowAboutOrange.com. What a cute and reusable way to add that personal touch!

If you have any great gift wrapping ideas to share, please tell us about them!

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