5 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Money Saving Ways to Earn Extra Cash

At the beginning of the year I proclaimed my mission to implement practical ways to free myself from debt. I’m still saving, are you still with me? From tips to save on home expenses to affordable bridal shower ideas, there are lots of ways to trim the fat. But let’s be honest, nothing compares to bringing in a little more cold hard cash! Here are 5 ways to earn extra cash right now.

Work a Part-Time Job

Going to a second job after working a full day is tough. But if you keep the end goal in mind, working that second job to pay off your debt sooner isn’t so bad. It might be tough for a year or so but it will be worth the hard work in the end. During the Summer or Winter months, keep your eye out for seasonal opportunities too. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to stick to a holiday budget!

Sell on eBay

Have you seen my posts about organizing my closet? Of course I wanted to take that project on to get more organized, but another main reason was so I could sell whatever gently worn items I was never going to wear again on eBay. I’m not making millions, but the extra money does help with the gas and every penny counts.

Sell on Amazon

Remember those dusty books that are just sitting on my shelf? Just like with eBay, I am selling a few books that I no longer want on Amazon. You could also dust off your DVDs, CDs or video games and turn those into extra cash online. This is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash.

Have a Yard sale

Yard sales are a great way to move along those items that are just sitting around. See if anyone else in your neighborhood is up for cleaning out their garage with you. Having a multi-family yard sale can attract more people and it’s a fun way to socialize outside and earn money at the same time!

Do Some Moonlighting

For those people who work a trade such as an electrician, hair dresser, or seamstress, you can make great money doing side jobs for family or friends. It might take a weekend to do it but again, any extra money you can put towards you debt is worth the time.

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