I truly can’t believe a year has passed since I last compiled my list of top holiday gifts for geeks. And though I’m a bit older, I still haven’t even begun to mature past the point of loving to give and receive wacky things that nobody could really ever justify needing – that’s the spirit of this time of year anyway isn’t it?

To kick off our 2013 MyUntangled Holiday extravaganza, I bring you this year’s collection of my favorite unique gifts for all the geeks, freaks, sneaker-heads, foodies, boozers, and anyone else on your list with a sense of humor who doesn’t really need anything in the first place!

Balls of Steel Drink Coolers

1. Balls of Steel

I know it seems like I’m jumping right out of the gate with that whole immature thing, but all obvious jokes aside, this is a fun product for a great cause. Inspired by a cancer scare from one of the company founders, these whiskey chillers are an ingenious way to support those suffering from testicular cancer with 15% of each sale going towards research and other efforts. I’ll drink to that! Available directly from orginialBOS.com.


2. PetChatz

I’ve been told I’m a bit obsessed with my dog, Ruby. And though I don’t know where folks get that idea, I do know that I think about him every single second I’m not with him and have always dreamed about being able to check in on him when I’m away from home. OK, so I am obsessed, but I know I’m not alone. PetChatz is a videophone that, among other things, lets you hear, see, speak and even give treats to your furry friend via any computer, smartphone or tablet. You know you want to pre-order one at petchatz.com.

Grammar Geek Coffee Mug

3. Grammar Geek Mugs

I ain’t always the best person to consult on the proper use of grammar, but that has never stopped me from having pet peeves about certain common misuses. The distinction between they’re there and their has got to be one of the most elusive and I’m dorky enough to admit that it drives me absolutely crazy when people get it wrong. If you or anyone you know can relate, this is the mug to have. Their there they’re available in a variety of sizes at zazzle.com.

Air Jordan Stocking

4. Air Jordan Christmas Stocking

If anyone you know is a sneakerhead, you’ve probably heard them wax poetic about their Jordans. (Or at least you’ve heard them whining about how they can’t afford a pair!) Arguably one of the most famous sneakers of all time, this felt stocking replicates the original Air Jordan 1 in black and red. Not all 80’s fashion statements are embarrassing to look back on! Grab yourself a pair at 2amprojects.com.

Muffin Top Cupcake Molds

5. Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

I can’t remember where or under what circumstances I first heard the term muffin top used, but according to Wikipedia, it originated as Australian slang back in 2003. Since the foodies in my life have consistently contributed to the development of my muffin tops, it’s only fitting to turn that flab into something fab with these very funny and totally functional muffin molds. Yours (if you can fit into them!) from perpetualkid.com.

LEGO Architecture Studio

6. LEGO Architecture Studio

Simply put, LEGO sets rock. I was one of those kids who had tubs and tubs full of the multi-colored bricks, and of course, the cars and trucks, little people and all the rest of the accessories. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve kept up with the company and the stuff they put out now will likely keep me busy during my retirement. This awesome set contains a 272 page book with input from world renowned architecture firms and 1200 monochromatic blocks. Order me one at amazon.com.

Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask

7. Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask

I started this list with booze so why not end it with booze!? Those of us dorks that grew up absolutely obsessed with NES games are way past old enough to need a stiff drink at the end of a long day. And what could be better than concealable flasks that parody your favorite games and look just like the originals? This brand new product was just fully funded through Kickstarter last month, so you’ll have to be patient, but it’s worth the wait. Pre-order them directly from inkwhiskey.com.