My favorite part of Christmas has always been the stockings. As a little kid I used to wake up early to marvel at the assortment of items that Santa so artfully arranged in and around my stocking, that sat on the piano bench at my aunt’s house, where we spent Christmas each year. As a grown-up I still like Christmas stockings best and like to give and receive useful, fun and intriguing stocking stuffers. So here’s my list of 9 standout stocking stuffers all for under $25 (and most are under $20!).

9 Cool Stocking Stuffers under $25

1. These Schatzii Smart Cloth Screen Cleaners are ultra chic, anti-bacterial, anti-static, machine washable ultra screen cleaners. You can use them for computer, tablet and phone screens plus they work on eyeglasses too. And if their cool designs aren’t enough, you can brand them with your own logo or custom artwork.

2. I can think of several friends that I bet would like to receive this Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel for when they play tennis, run road races, play soccer and more. The proprietary fabric has sustained cooling properties.

Stocking Stuffer Idea--Athletic Cooling Towel by Enduracool

3. I’m not even as much of a shoe girl as many of my friends are but this Scotch Tape Shoe Dispenser is just too damn cute.

4. This Travel Surge Protector with USB Charger by Belkin is almost identical to one I carry in my computer bag and use when I am working from the road at my local library or coffee shop. It expands available outlets, charges my phone or tablet with my own micro USB cord and has the added bonus of surge protection.

Stocking Stuffer Idea--Travel Surge Protector
5. It seems everybody is either a coffee fanatic or knows a couple dozen. And for the ones that have a brewing machine at home, this My K-Cup Reusable Filter will let them brew with their own coffee, while saving both money and the environment.

6. First it was chalkboard paint, now these Mini Chalkboard Wall Decals can create a chalkboard in an instant for shopping lists or notes. And each peel-and-stick wall decal is removable and reusable.

Chalkboard Reusable Wall Decals by Wallcandy Arts

7. Some folks have a thing about soggy cereal and this Obol “The Original Crispy Bowl” is mainly marketed for how it separates the cereal from the milk. I love the other uses they show for it like keeping your chips and guacamole or soup and crackers conveniently together but apart.

Obol Cereal Bowl

8. This Flow Control Spray Nozzle by Nelson is so clever with its Ergo Easy Clik on/off button and seven spray patterns.

Adjustable Spray Nozzle by Nelson

9. Lots of people love candles but sometimes kids or pets make having the ones that burn a real flame not the best thing to have around. That’s where these Flameless Candles from Inglow enter the picture. Lots of styles to choose from.

Flameless Battery Candles

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