[pl_alertbox type=”info”]I spruced up my car using Rain-X products from Walmart as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #WalmartAuto. All opinions expressed here are my own.[/pl_alertbox]

Lucky Enough to Live by the Sea, Oak Island North Carolina

They say if you are lucky enough to live by the sea, you are lucky enough. Well, I am just that lucky. Coastal living means I am surrounded by sunshine, salt air, ocean breezes, dolphins swimming, and pelicans diving for fish year round. Of course, as much as I love and enjoy the sunshine and salt air they can wreak considerable havoc on my car windows. Tropical storms and hurricanes also pay occasional visits to southeastern North Carolina making for tough driving conditions. I turn to Walmart Auto for all my windshield and car care needs before visibility takes a turn for the worse.

#WalmartAuto Picking Out Wipers

With climate conditions in mind I prefer windshield wiper blades made of all natural squeegee rubber to resist cracking, splitting, and tearing caused by extreme temperatures. RainX® Expert Fit™ wiper blades come in all styles: Rear, Conventional, Beam, and Hybrid. Conventional blades are the right style choice for me. I recently went to my local Walmart where I found a great display of RainX® wiper blades. I looked through the blade size finder booklet in order to learn the size I needed to purchase. The blades range in size from 11”-28”. My windshield takes a 21” on the driver side and a 19” on the passenger side. The packaging made it easy to quickly locate the right blades. While I was in the auto department I also picked up some windshield washer fluid, shop towels, and an air freshener. You can find these products and more at a Walmart near you or online at walmart.com.

Rain-X Easy Installation #WalmartAuto

Installation of my new blades was a snap! If you need a tutorial I recommend you take a look at the Rain-X videos. They have instructional videos for all of their wiper blade styles. I gave my blades a test by squirting some washer fluid onto the windshield. They worked and fit really well because they are designed for original equipment fit and performance.

Clean Your Windshield with #WalmartAuto

I used my Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool to clean all my car windows. It is easy to use, conforms to curved surfaces, and really gets into those hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning the entire surface of the windshield is trouble-free with this handy tool!

Clean windows and great windshield wiper blades make it safer to drive and easier to enjoy the view.

Enjoy the View, Southport North Carolina