One month ago, I took the plunge with the love of my life and we got married on a Sunday afternoon. With weather forecasts early on in the day calling for rain and showers in the afternoon, we both1 had to start preparing for the fact our wedding would have to be held indoors. Getting a call from my father, I was surprised to hear that in a town, not even five miles away from our venue, it was pouring. My brother, a resident of Worcester, said it was one of the worst storms he had seen in a long time. Where we were, there was nothing except sunshine, smiling faces, and anticipation all leading up to what was, in fact, a wedding that was totally, 100% worth the frustration and stress.

The wedding party

The night, however, was only a success because of the sum of all its parts. From family helping to set up the reception tent to the DJ and photographer, having everyone know what they were doing made for one smooth night. Thinking back over all of my previous posts, I realized I never gave credit where credit is most certainly due and would like to take a moment to touch upon the latter of those just mentioned.

The DJ: Raleigh Event DJ
Yea, yea, yea, I already know what you are thinking, “A DJ from Raleigh, NC for a wedding in Massachusetts?” Yes…Raleigh, NC. Raleigh Event DJ,  is an award winning DJ service run by Brad and Diane Junell, long time family friends. Upon hearing of our engagement they jumped at the opportunity to offer their services and am I ever glad they did. Everything leading up to the big day was handled with the utmost professional care, ensuring there was little room for error on the big day. A few weeks before the wedding we had a phone conversation where we solidified what wedding activities would happen during the course of the night, as well as any songs that needed to be played. Whatever we wanted, Raleigh Event DJ was sure to make it happen. Throughout the night of the wedding they played a variety of diverse music that catered to every generation present. If for any reason a particular song didn’t work, or the crowd and the dance floor started to look vacant, the song after it was always something to pick the mood back up. For anyone out there in the Raleigh/Durham area looking for a great DJ, you need look no further.

The photographer: Nathan Fiske Photography
For those of you reading who are already married, I’m sure choosing the photographer was one topic discussed at great lengths. I mean, we’re talking about the sole individual responsible for capturing the moments of the night; those moments you may not see and those moments you want to remember for years to come. After much deliberation, we decided that Nathan Fiske Photography was the right choice. Much like the DJ, Nathan worked with us right up until the wedding. We had a preliminary meeting at the venue where he scouted out the grounds, with and without us, making sure he knew the layout of where he would be shooting. Venturing off the main grounds of the venue, he stumbled upon a ramshackle barn that proved to be an excellent shooting spot due to the juxtaposition it presented. Any idea we may have come up with, if feasible, Nathan had no problem attempting. Not only that, he provided an artistic eye to many of the shots while presenting ideas neither of us would have ever thought about. If you are a resident of Massachusetts, I highly recommend reaching out to Nathan if you are looking for an amazing photographer for a wedding, engagement photos and anything in between.

Andy and Carolyn Bass

1In separate rooms, of course. We decided to keep with tradition and not see one another until the big moment.