For those of you that have been following my writing on this blog since my humble beginning, you will not be surprised by the ardency behind this next post. In one of the many things still left to do for the wedding, the future to be Mrs. and I made our way to Gerardo’s Italian Bakery, in West Boylston, for none other than our cake tasting.1

Gerardos Italian Bakery

Sitting down with Gerardo, the man himself, he gave us the run down for how cakes that are offered as part of a package typically go, as ours is built into the overall cost of our venue. You get the base cake, then, if you want filling, it’s an additional $100 or so dollars; if you want a design, tack on another $200-$300, etc. At this point, I was metaphorically partaking in an action usually associated with someone’s pants. I mean, cakes are great and all, but come on, we’re talking about a cake that, by the time it’s being consumed, more than half of those attending will be, most likely, in-one’s-cup(s)2. However, at the last moment he could, Gerardo explained that is not how he likes to handle business and whatever we would like would be included, it would be as simple as that.

Leaving us alone with a portfolio of cake pictures as he went to get our cake samples, we turned page after page of cakes that, to me, didn’t really look all that different from each other. Yes, some cakes were three tiers of circles, while others were three tiers of boxes; some had floral designs, others did not; but all I saw was sweet, sweet cake. For all intents and purposes, the cake is going to be looked at, quickly forgotten, and then cut into as many pieces necessary for the total number of people attending the wedding.3 Once Gerardo returned, I went into sensory overload. Looking up, I just saw cake on cake on cake—eight different slices to be exact. A full list of choices can be found here.

Gerardos Wedding Cakes

As per usual, I was so excited I forgot to take a picture for the blog first because I grabbed the closest fork and went to town. And I mean to town, sampling all eight slices within five minutes. Did I mention twice? Without any contest, but still a tough decision, we both agreed that the classic and authentic Italian Cake was the right choice. All of the other cakes tasted great, but for a wedding some didn’t seem to fit, such as the Cannoli Cake or the Cappuccino.

All that’s left on the cake front is confirming our choice just before the wedding and that’s that!!!

Next on Andy at the Altar…Andy Buys a Suit.

Andy Buys a Wedding Suit

1Or, how I made myself sick in five minutes.
2Bombed, bent, housed, smashed, three sheets to the wind, just plain old drunk.
3Once again, my own sentiment, and not that of the bride-to-be.