One year from today, I will be getting married.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know the first thing that goes into planning a wedding. From color schemes to floral1 arrangements and even picking out a suit—I’m lost. Over the course of the next year, along with my day-to-day routine, I will be one of the two people worrying…I mean contemplating, no…deciding on “the guest list,” what music is to be played, the aforementioned (to my horror) color schemes and floral arrangements; and, oh yeah, let’s not forget about those centerpieces2. I’m already planning on the inescapable paper cuts and sandpaper tongue from the cutting and folding and cutting and folding and stuffing and sealing and stuffing and sealing of the countless invitations to be sent out. Don’t let me forget to mention, that by the end of it, it will all be worth it.

Over the next few months, through a series of blog posts, my aim is to catalogue my experience and give you, the reader, insight into the male point of view of planning a wedding. Please, before you jump to conclusions or preconceived notions, when I say “male,” I don’t mean overly testosterone-infused discourse on how “flower arrangements are silly” or “centerpieces are stupid,” but, rather, insightful notions and actualities that are rarely seen on the interwebs. I mean, have you noticed the scarcity in wedding blogs (even magazines and books) from the male perspective? They’re out there, but greatly outnumbered. For instance, I know how much the “perfect” wedding dress means to the bride, but I also have plans for what I’ll be wearing…I won’t just be renting a tux from some Joey Bagadonuts.

That being said, this series will serve as a narrative to anything and everything related to being a groom3. The trials and tribulations of kitchen arguments over how, hypothetically4 speaking, “lavender and brown” don’t really go together (they don’t? am I missing something?) to the food tasting offered by the venue, which I am most definitely looking forward to. Above all, this blog series will be honest and, who knows, maybe I’ll even learn a thing or two.

1 Not to be confused with “flower,” we are talking about a wedding here.
2 Does a bottle of Jameson count? (No, I’m not kidding).
3 I forgot about that word until just now…still not totally in the wedding mindset.
4 Or not.