As might be expected of a blog featuring a blogging dog, the MyUntangled crew loves a good animal video. Recently, Beth shared this fabulous commercial by Beneful, called “Dog Goldberg Machine.” When Kat responded with OK Go’s video for “White Knuckles“–a video featuring some amazing dog performances (from a band who also has a great Rube Goldberg video), the idea for Things Worth Sharing animal videos edition was born.


Every good dog blogger knows you can’t just write, you have to also read, and watch. My absolutely favorite blog, Tales and Tails, features a house full of crazy dogs that recently welcomed a new greyhound named Flattery. Not sure how flattering this video of her is as far as the humans are concerned, but I can’t get enough of it (and Dad can’t seem to stop saying Oh No Mr. Bill!!)


If you aren’t familiar with the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, you are missing out on a great site filled with gorgeous photos and the occasional video. While it is hard to choose a favorite from the archive of kitten videos, I think this one of fosters Theodore and Vivienne Spooner is the one I’ve watched most often.


Let’s be honest, did anyone really think I’d be sharing anything other than a video of the cutest, most wonderful and incredibly handsome dog in entire universe? That’s right…here’s my Ruby enjoying a little snack with chopsticks. (Did I mention he is the most talented dog as well? You already knew that!)


This video of Cookie, a penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo, being tickled is way too adorable! This video of a dog trying to stomp on his own shadow is just priceless.


Though my discerning palate is definitely that of a cat, I sometimes behave a bit more like a dog, fetching toys or coming when called. (I find it helps to get more treats.) Still, I sometime aspire to “be more dog” like this video suggests.


Your kitty will hop on the feline fitness fast track when introduced to the Work it Kitty workout DVD. Rolling planks on the BOSU balance trainer and shoulder rotations using a stability ball are all the rage in today’s fit kitty craze. The best part is your cat can hit paws and play over and over again to really purrfect these fun moves.


Some folks consider themselves “dog people”, others consider themselves “cat people”. Emma’s rousing game of fetch provides the best of both worlds.