It’s been over six months since I first tackled the closet reorganization which I wrote about in my post 6 Easy Steps to an Organized Closet. Since that time, I’ve found that some things have worked, and some things needed changing, and I wanted to give an update on both!

What Worked

Hanging the hangers one way, then flipping them the other way once the clothing has been worn.

This is the number one thing that has worked beautifully. If you remember from my first closet organizing post, I saw this trick on Pinterest and decided to try it for myself. I am glad I did. About 7 months later I am looking back at what hasn’t been flipped and going through the clothing. My thought is if I haven’t worn it by now, I more than likely wont be wearing it in the future. I’m then making the decision to either donate or sell these articles of clothing. With the exception of some dresses that I would only wear for a special occasion, wedding, etc.

Organize your Clothes

Throughout the year, what I found myself doing was trying to find ways to wear the clothing that was still hanging the other way. I tend to wear the same things over and over so I saw this as a challenge to myself to put together different looks. I also found that clothing I thought I liked/still fit wasn’t always the case. I actually ended up making even more piles to donate or sell over the months. This method really works!

What Did Not Work

The tie hanger used for small purses/clutches.

I still believe this is a great way to organize those small purses that you have. For me, however, I realized I don’t have that many so they don’t really need to be organized that way.  Instead I decided to utilize that odd space in my closet a different way.

What I Updated/Added

Two new shelves added.

DIY closet shelves

I took down the tie hanger and in its place added two new wooden shelves. The shelves now hold my jeans and bulky winter sweaters. It’s saving some hanging space and is a better use for this odd spot in the closet.

I also purchased hangers to hang pants and skirts, which are now all flat and neat.  This small change alone is giving the closet more space and making it easier to find my dress pants and skirts.

Overall I am happy with the small updates that I made. Nothing always works out that way you think it will so its OK to step back and re-evaluate. Have you made any recent changes to your closet?

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