You have taken the time and organized your closet in 6 easy steps. So now you have a little more room to add a few essential pieces but don’t want to break the bank. Here are eight ways that I use to save on clothing.

Tips for Saving Money on Clothes

Buy Off-Season

You can score some great deals at the end of a season. Stores don’t want to have leftover inventory. And that means you can capitalize on the end-of-season deals or clearance sales. This is a great time to stock up for the next season.

Host a Clothing Swap

Find someone in your life that you might be able to swap an outfit or two with. While it might not be brand spanking new, it’s new to you and a quick way to add some diversity to your wardrobe!


I have to say, I am pretty lucky to have a mom who is fashionable and my size. I have been getting some awesome hand-me-downs from her, and that is making me feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.

Borrow Whenever Possible

Have your fifth wedding of the year and don’t have any more dresses? Borrow one! If you only need something one time, see if you can borrow it. You might even be able to get matching shoes and jewelry to boot.

Sign Up for Reward Programs

Reward programs are a great way to save money on clothing. Though you might get bombarded with emails, at least you will know about an upcoming sale. Want to know a couple of other great things? Most reward programs give you a coupon off after spending a certain amount in addition to a reward on your birthday!

Use Your Gift Cards

Pair gift cards with a great sale to save even more on your purchase!

Shop at Consignment Stores

Someone else’s “something old” can be your “something new” when you shop at consignment stores. It’s a great way to infuse your wardrobe with new clothes while saving cash.

Shop Online

If I am looking for something particular, I tend to first see if I can find it on eBay or thredUp. You can get some great deals on designer clothing from sellers who just did some closet organization of their own. Shopping online also keeps you from being tempted to make other purchases. Please check out my simple eBay organization tips if you are interested in that aspect.

Got Any Clothing Money Saving Ideas to Share?

As always, I’d love to hear your favorite frugal living tips and tricks.

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