I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of visiting any Chinese restaurant or ordering Chinese food for take-out is the fortune cookie at the end of the meal. This little cookie filled with “worldly” knowledge all in one sentence.  It teaches you “how to speak Chinese” which can always be interesting after a Scorpion Bowl or two!  Sometimes it’s profound, sometimes it’s confusing, sometimes it’s non-existent (I hate when that happens) but either way it’s a conversation starter.  A few years back I started hanging on to some of my favorite fortunes and had just been collecting them in my wallet.  Every once in a while I would pull them out, read them, then put them back.  I never knew what I wanted to do with them but I knew I wanted to display them somehow.  A few ideas came to me but the one I liked the most was to laminate them and turn them into magnets for my refrigerator, so I rolled with it.

What you will need:

Supplies for fortune magnets project

  • Fortunes
  • Laminating machine or self laminating sheet(s)
  • Ruler (not pictured)
  • Adhesive magnet sheets or rolls (I went with the rolls)
  • Scissors

I first took all my fortunes and laid them out.  They were already flat which makes it easier if they are not curled, otherwise it will be difficult to laminate them correctly.

I then took a self -laminating sheet and spaced the fortunes out on the sheet.  I wanted to make sure I had enough room to cut around each one.  Then, I followed the directions on the package for laminating.

Magnet Layout

Once that was done, I cut around each fortune individually, leaving enough room to be able to make each one as big or small as I wanted.  I cut mine, leaving about a ¼ inch border.

Magnet and Fortune

Next I cut the magnetic strip for the back.  I cut each magnet about an inch long.  I peeled the backing off and pressed down firmly for about 12 seconds.  And presto, fortune magnets!!

Magnet on Back

Look at how cute they are! I love how they look on my refrigerator.

Fortune Refrigerator Magnets

This turned out to be a simple, fun and easy decorating idea. Now I have a central location where I can enjoy all my fortunes over and over again. 🙂