Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you seen our latest post showing some gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? There are so many great ideas out there to show your hunny some luvin’. I was poking around a few months back for gift ideas for the holidays and I came across something that really caught my attention. Someone had given a gift to a wedding couple of 12 pre-planned, pre-paid dates for them to take throughout the year. I liked the idea so much that I decided to do the same thing but instead of giving it as a wedding gift, I would give it as a Christmas gift to my boyfriend. Now I know I did this as a Christmas gift but you could easily do it for Valentine’s Day or a birthday or anniversary.

DIY Valentines Gift

The first thing I did was write down each month on a sheet of paper. I then looked at our calendar for the upcoming year to see what important events we had planned already i.e. weddings, etc. I did that to make sure that I didn’t try to plan something big in a certain month when there was already a big event happening. I then tried to think of some different things that we would both enjoy doing. The dates that I came up with will be ones that will be spent going out somewhere and some that will be spent close to home or at home, just the two of us.

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Once I had the list of the date ideas, I went though and wrote down next to each month what we would be doing. I don’t have the greatest handwriting so I decided I would type up a little paragraph for each particular date and print it. I printed it on colorful construction paper and had some embellishments on the sheets. Once each sheet was printed, I placed it in a white envelope with a label of the month on it. I found a cute basket from Michael’s Craft Store that was just the right size to hold the envelopes. Now at the beginning of each month, he opens the envelope to see what the date is for that month.

Be MyUntangled Valentine

Since he will be opening up his gift throughout the year, I wanted to make sure that it continued to be a focal point at our place. I did a little decorating for Valentines Day this year which I don’t normally do.

This desk is where we put our things when we come home. I thought this would be a good place to keep his gift for the year. To jazz up the area a little, I made a conversation heart garland to hang on the wall. I had a bottle hanging around so I decided to make a “love potion”. The mirror was a little boring so I took some paint I had and painted a heart. I moved a picture frame from another room to complete the look.

Heart Garland

I have to say, this little area surprised my guy when he came home. It brought a smile to his face and I know he appreciated it. The little decorations really make a difference. Next year, I may include a little snack like these Sweetheart Cookies!

Do you like this idea for a Valentines Day gift? What are some of the things that you are doing this year to make your Valentine’s Day special?

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