The other day I settled into the couch for what I thought would be one of my many daily naps but my slumber was disrupted when my mom created quite a ruckus. She lugged a bunch of crazy stuff into the living room, grabbed the camera and started clicking away. I thought to myself…so this is how it is? While the dog’s asleep, the mom will creep?

Normally I’m the subject of her photo shoots, so instead of waiting for an invite that may never come, I decided to join. Mom mumbled something about this being a “closed set” for her latest blog post and she tried in vain to turn me away. I wouldn’t retreat, so she decided to turn the camera on me instead. I did some downward facing dogs, invited some of my babies to the party and successfully hijacked mom’s photo shoot.

Once again I’ve solidified my position as the subject of her photo shoot but it does leave me wondering…is this a case of life intimidating art? Or art imitating life?