I’m a sucker for countdowns anytime of year, but especially THIS time of year!  Now this isn’t the Best of MK Design 2011 (um…blog idea….yes please!) but, here are the TOP FIVE decorations that I love in my own home this year.


5. Mirror, Mirror, on the Table

Mirror Mirror on the Table

For my dining room tablescape, I love the look of mirrors under flowers or candles.  I purchased these for about $5 a few years back and have certainly gotten a ton of use out of them.  I may change the colors and the scene, but I always love the dimension it adds!

4. What’s Old is New Again

MK Old is New

While shopping a thrift store after being completely inspired from Mr. Goodwill Hunting (Thanks Nate Berkus) I came across this beautiful oval vanity mirror dressing table tray.  My mom has one of these, and of course, rush in childhood memories of a little girl sampling all her scents and searching through trinket boxes of treasure….I digress!  Let’s just say for $2.95 I had to have it.  And just when you think you can’t dress up a candelabra, throw it on this vintage tray with some glass ornaments, some fresh sprigs of holly, and it’s even fancier! (Full Disclosure: I have 2 young boys. They are 4 & 7 and, as amazing as they are, they are two young boys.  I know I probably should have lit the candles for the photo…but I’m real…and in real life that would NEVER happen. Open flame behind a couch spells disaster in the making, just sayin’.  Back to the countdown! )

3. Brimfield Find

A Brimfield Find

Vintage boxes were all over Brimfield last fall, and when I saw this one, I knew EXACTLY were I was putting it.  The only problem was, September was SO FAR away from December (OK, it’s really not, but try buying a fabulous new pair of shoes and not wearing them for two months…ya with me!?)  Anyhoo, Brimfield was a highlight of my year, so clearly it just HAD to be included!

2. Let It Snow

MK Let it Snow

I am all about the indoor blizzard!  Seriously, that fake snow stuff isn’t just for a big mall store trees.  Pick up a bag and I’m guessing you’ll have a hard time putting it down.  It adds such a beautiful layer to your Christmas Tree and, quite frankly, it’s super fun to apply.  I like to call it “Hucking Handfulls”!  Even the biggest Grinch’s heart will grow three sizes while throwing handfuls of snow onto their tree.  Oh, and don’t worry too much about the mess, I like to think that the snow looks prettier than the pine needles that inevitably drop.

Here we are at my number one favorite decoration this year…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

1. Pretty Little Lanterns

MK Pretty Little Lanterns

I bought almost 50 mason jars and filled them with epsom salt then added votives and lined the stonewall along walkway to my front door.  They look so purtty as the epsom salt snow glistens with the twinkle of the candles.  Such an easy and inexpensive way to add just a little more sparkle to your holiday!

What are your favorite decorations this year?  Post pictures to my facebook page…I’d love to see what festive things you are up to!