Fellow canines rejoice! The Cloud Star elves have been busy baking up Holiday Buddy Biscuits just for us and an exclusive coupon just for our humans.

First, a little about the biscuits:

Oven Baked Buddy Biscuits

These limited edition gingerbread flavored biscuits smell and look just like the gingerbread cookies my humans eat. But the Holiday Buddy Biscuits are even better because I get to eat them. And so do you if you bring this post to your human’s attention.

Holiday Biscuits for Dogs

The soft and chewy biscuits are small in stature but pack a powerful bite. Hmm, that description fits some neighborhood dogs I know. This soft and chewy variety may be best for smaller breeds or dogs that have a bigger bark than bite.

The oven baked biscuits are crunchy and medium in size. These biscuits are my favorite as they offer a good crunch with every bite. If left to my own devices, I would join my dad on the couch with a box of these and pop them back as quickly as he eats his nightly bowl of chips. Sorry, I guess mom knows about the chips now. I’m not that sorry though, it is pretty funny when you get in trouble. Much funnier than when I am in trouble.

Cloud Star Holiday XXL Biscuit

The XXL biscuits are 5 inches of crunchy goodness. These gingerbread giants are sold individually and are ideal stocking stuffers. What better way to say, “good boy”, and, “good girl”, to all the pooches on your holiday shopping list?

Now a little about the coupon HOLIDAY-13-MUL:

It’s a good one, but you’ve got to act quickly! Tell your humans all they have to do is go to cloudstar.com and put as many of these biscuits as they can in their shopping cart. At the checkout, enter the code HOLIDAY-13-MUL to receive a whole 50% off the order! Then just wait by the door for the mailperson to show up and voila, you’ll be one happy pooch. This offer expires in 4 days so what are you waiting for? Get your people over to cloudstar.com now and enjoy!

Cloudstar.com Holiday Coupon