Way back in 2012 we started this tradition of pseudo honoring/sort of mocking the tradition of the Yankee Swap, White Elephant, Gift Exchange, whateveryoumaycallit. Though I was never truly a fan of participating in them IRL, I have to admit this post is one that I look forward to all year long. So without any additional rambling on my part, I present the 2015 MyUntangled list of things to keep and things to give away at your next holiday gift exchange.


Personality Desk Signs - boss gift, office sign - UncommonGoodKeep: Not only would I keep this gift, all y’all can consider this a public declaration that I want one of these! The personality desk signs from UncommonGoods made me LOL. And even better, they reminded me that sometimes it’s great to be the boss!

The Situation Workout DVD - Fun Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas

Swap: I don’t know what you even want me to say here. But I happened upon The Situation Workout DVD while innocently walking down the aisle, minding my own business. And I haven’t been the same since.


The CatBall
Keep: Now that the winter is upon us and my humans don’t keep the heat up as high as I would like, I need a warm spot in which to nap. The Cat Ball comes in many patterns, but the the coral in this one matches my little pink toebeans just perfectly.

Every cat needs and Ugly XMas Sweater!

Swap: I don’t care how trendy ugly X-Mas sweaters may be for you humans or how cute you think I’d look. There is no way that I am getting in this sweater.


Dapper Animal Plates
Keep: Why should mealtime be boring? With these Dapper Animal Plates designed by Rachel Kozlowski for West Elm, your meal will have a sense of whimsy (and a built in conversation partner). I’d certainly keep an assortment of these.

S’mores USB Heated Plush Slippers - To wear, not to eat!Swap:  I certainly love to try different s’mores recipes. Undoubtedly my feet are often cold in the winter. Still, I’m not sure that heated s’mores slippers are the way to go. Unless they keep your feel smelling like s’mores, then maybe we’re onto something.


Mason Jar Herb Garden

Keep: This cute Mason Jar Herb Kit is the perfect gift if you ever wanted to start growing herbs. It comes with everything that you need to start growing your own herbs at home.

Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas - Space Kitten Women's Leggings

Swap: I am a cat lover but if I got these Space Kitten Leggings  I would trade them back.  They are a little too out of this world for my liking.


Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Keep: I’ve been known to enjoy red wine. Usually one glass is enough for me. However, there are occasions when a bottle seems more appropriate. Well, hello answer to my drunken prayers! The wine bottle glass holds a full bottle (750 ml) of wine. Bottoms up!

Toast It Coasters
Swap: Let’s be honest, home slice; who cares about using a coaster while getting toasted off a bottle of wine? I know that it’s crummy to leave rings on a table, but the Toast It Coasters are a swap for me. Perhaps you can’t teach an occasional old lush new tricks.


Mixed Breeds Cassette Dog ToyKeep: Music to my ears! Just press play to keep the hits coming on this ultra-hip mixed breed cassette dog toy from Perpetual Kid. I’ll be kickin’ it old school style all winter long.

Cat Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit

Swap: Dear wise and benevolent itty bitty kitty committee, please know that this magnetic poetry kit would be promptly thrown it in the kitty litter swapped out if it were to land in my paws. While I love to write haiku poems, cat poetry just isn’t my steez.

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