Hello, my name is Jessica and I am an excessively frugal person. Some days I feel like I belong in a group meeting…it can be a blessing and a curse! There is no end to the crazy things I will do to save a few dollars. Especially since they are usually fun experiments!

I secretly do not understand how anyone can afford to shop at grocery stores for produce. I even think my precious Costco is expensive for fruits and vegetables. Locally, we generally use a Produce Junction which offers bulk prices. Then I saw the Hungry Harvest produce prices! Including delivery to my front door? My next fun adventure!

Hungry Harvest Home Produce Delivery - A socially conscious hack for your monthly budget.

What Is Hungry Harvest?

In 2016 a company named Hungry Harvest appeared on Shark Tank. A fascinating company with a mission to help reduce food waste while also passing along a discount to their customers. According to Hungry Harvest, 40% of produce goes to waste just because it looks a little different, so the grocery stores don’t wish to purchase it. Side note for all the Shark Tank addicts out there, Robert Herjavec invested $100,000 for 10 percent of the company.

In the beginning of February I saw an eye-catching ad for Hungry Harvest. I’m embarrassed to admit that I saw it on a Facebook and clicked. Yes, those gosh darn Facebook ads actually do work – and I was very skeptical of that whole business platform. But there was a promo for $5 off my first order. I was going to grab that free $5, have an adventure, and promptly cancel. No way was I paying for food delivery. $25 was worth a one-time experiment of produce.

Hungry Harvest Review - Produce Delivery for the Greater Good

I’ve been getting consistent orders since February and have loved every one. The produce helps give new recipe ideas throughout the week. It even introduces us to new produce. Who knew butter lettuce existed? Delicious! I even order eggs. Not a single broken egg! I can’t even get eggs home from the grocery store without breakage. Hungry Harvest packers need to come pack my minivan for our next vacation.

Order Eggs Online with Hungry Harvest

How I Shop and Save with Online Produce

I’m signed up for the $25 mixed fruit and veggie option. There is a small shipping fee for orders under $30. We have already established my frugalness, so as you can imagine, I don’t pay for shipping! Pro tip: always add on a dozen eggs and some other small items to get to that $30 mark.

Our deliveries arrive on Fridays. I receive a reminder email on Tuesday to review my order. I can swap out stuff I don’t like or add more items that we would love. They show you the prices of each item, so if I think a particular item is priced too high, it gets swapped out for a lower-priced item. That’s when I add on my eggs and extras. You can customize a “favorite” and “never” list, so no eating icky stuff!

It's easy to order produce online with Hungry Harvest - MyUntangled Life

Hungry Harvest Delivery Areas

As of May 2018, Hungry Harvest is offering delivery throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, South Florida, and The Triangle Area in North Carolina. But they are always adding in new areas. So if you don’t see yours listed, shoot them a message with your location.

If you are within their delivery areas and wish to try them out, visiting this link will get you $5 off your first delivery. (Disclaimer: this will also give me a $5 credit, thank you!)

To sum up this Hungry Harvest review – it has been a nice socially conscious hack for my monthly budget. Everyone should give it a try!