Mayor's Midnight Sun Half Marathon Anchorage Alaska

The training program to get ready to run the New York City Marathon for Team Boomer is beginning this month and in preparation I purchased a new pair of Brooks Ravenna running shoes. I went to my local running store, Runner’s Alley in Nashua NH, because I find they are great for runners and walkers of all levels. They have all the gear you need plus the staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of running. You can ask them anything from training tips to what shoes would work best for your foot and even how to overcome nagging aches and pains from our training.

As part of our marathon training, my husband Eric and I have been trying to do daily yoga to stretch and strengthen our legs and core. This will hopefully give me some help with my hips – which during even the half marathons are always sore. We also had our kickoff meeting for Team Boomer. It was very motivating to hear the other participants tell why they joined the team and the reasons why they run. We also found out that the Team has already raised over $30,000 for the cause! The goal for the entire Team participating in the NYC marathon is to raise $650,000, so please keep the donations coming! I can tell you that it is amazing to be part of a group of people who are so dedicated to raising awareness and funds to fight Cystic Fibrosis.

Now to the fun part  – in June Eric and I completed the Mayor’s Midnight Sun 1/2 Marathon in Alaska (my dad and aunt ran it too)! It was way too early in the season and in my training to do this but we were already planning a trip there and how many times could you get to say that you did a race in Alaska?

Ready to run a marathon

It was a cool rainy day with just a slight breeze – well a wind – that felt to be 10 to 15 miles an hour. The race started in downtown Anchorage and traveled into the woods along the coast, which was nice because we were protected from the elements a bit. Once we were back out on the road, it was not so nice. The rain and wind combined with hills to make conditions much more difficult. At that point, I couldn’t wait to go back into the woods! Then just as we turned to go travel back through the woods towards the finish line there it was – the mud! The trail portion of the run had turned into completely slippery and muddy hills. Let’s just say that I was no longer concerned about finishing in a reasonable amount of time but instead, making sure I didn’t slide down the muddy hill and then have to complete the last 6 miles covered in it.

Alaska Marathon in the mud

We did make it through and around mile 8 we saw a moose and her calf and then we headed back towards the city for some beautiful views and at that point, less rain. Eric stayed with me and we finished in 3:45 which is not my best time but with the mile of slow muddy trails and no training, I’ll take it. I still had a good time and would do it again.

All in all, what I’ve learned this month is that I have a long journey ahead of me based on the ½ marathon! I will need to ramp up my training for the marathon so that I can hopefully meet my personal goal of 6 hours.