Winter Walking Workouts - myuntangledlife.comDuring March I had big plans to focus on outdoor walking workouts. I was sure moving my fitness routine outdoors would clear my innards of winter cobwebs by providing me with some much needed fresh air. The warming temps and earthy scents of late winter and early spring bring the promise of renewal, and I looked forward to taking it all in, step by step. However, Mother Nature had another plan for me as she unleashed her own version of March Madness: snow, sleet, rain, wind storms, all topped off with a blizzard.

Oh yes, nothing quite compares to a March blizzard and its two-plus feet of snow to let you know that spring is definitively nowhere in sight. Needless to say, my plans to hit the ground walking this month were put on ice and road salt and sand. I took this all in stride and realized that even if I could not take a walk outside, I could still lace up and transport myself outdoors with all the beautiful scenery found in walking-based DVDs.

Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy is a new DVD by Jessica Smith and is quickly becoming my favorite workout. The pretty outdoor location is very spa-like, featuring sand and palm trees. There are two 30 minute workouts to choose from on the DVD or combine them both for a fun, festive, and longer walking-based workout. The soundtrack is phenomenal.

The Biggest Loser: Power Walk is shot outdoors in the warm sunshine of the Biggest Loser ranch. This DVD has 4 one mile segments, each approximately 16 minutes in length. Trainer Bob Harper leads you for two of the miles while fan favorites and former contestants Sione Fa and Tara Costa each lead one segment. Sione incorporates hand weights while Tara adds a medicine ball for variety. Sione and Tara cool you down with a poolside stretch. The cast is comprised of former contestants and it is nice to work out with folks of all shapes and sizes.

Walk, Sculpt & Tone with Debbie Rocker takes me on a trip to beautiful Sedona. The Arizona red clay and Desert Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for this walking and toning workout. The DVD has two workouts, one is 30 minutes and the other is 69 minutes. Light hand weights are used for the toning segments.

My new plan is to take my walks outdoors in April. Here’s hoping there aren’t too many April showers to contend with as I am none too good at puddle jumping!

March Footprints

Since we are on the topic, what are your favorite indoor walking workouts?