Now that I have your attention…this is what my laundry room, or “closet” as I call it, used to look like. I know, I know, it scared me too. This very plain, all white on white on white, messy, and lifeless room was not me at all! I strongly dislike doing the laundry as it is and this room didn’t make it any easier. I knew when I moved in that this would be my first project. I figured it was small enough to take on that it could probably be finished in one weekend. My other concern was making it as affordable as I could. I tried to spend as little as possible and use supplies that I had on hand already. With a pencil in hand and a plan in my head, I took inventory of what I had, made note of what I needed and went for it.

I started by removing everything from the room.  From there I washed the walls down with water and a little bleach, patched up any holes, swept the floor, then taped everything off for painting.

The paint that I used was some that I had already purchased about two years ago. During Labor Day weekend Lowes was having a sale on Valspar paint. I think the sale was for every gallon purchased you received a $5 mail in rebate. So I had plenty of paint on hand and didn’t need to purchase any for this project. Since this was a small, and lets face it, kinda boring space, I wanted to give it some life. I decided to paint with two different colors to make it pop. Two of the walls were painted with Valspar Sisal while the back wall was painted with Valspar Brown Cherry.


Once everything was painted and the paint was dry, my washer and dryer were put back into place. There were just a few more things that I needed to address before I could call this makeover complete.

The lint filter was a complete eye sore. Luckily I had Louie around to figure that part out. He picked up a lint trap kit at the hardware store and I was in love! Yes, I was in love with a lint catcher. It fits in the space just right. Woohoo!

The last thing on my list was shelving. I don’t have much space so I knew this would be tricky. One of my biggest problems was making sure that with whatever I chose, I would still be able to open the dryer. I spent about 20-30 minutes at Home Depot in the “shelving” section trying out different scenarios in my head. It wasn’t easy but I did end up leaving with something. And to be honest, with what I picked out, I didn’t think it would fit. But behold, it does! All of my hard work paid off. The baskets fit beautifully!!

On the opposite wall I hung a caddy to hold my ironing board and iron.

And for the icing on the cake, I scored this sign that was on clearance from Kohls for only $5! It’s so adorable. With this last piece, my project was complete.

Here is the final reveal. I am so happy with how this mini project turned out.

I walk by this room now with a smile on my face. It brings a lot of life to this dull corner of my condo. And the best part is, I spent under $100.00 for everything. Score!