On a lazy Sunday I pulled out my treasured old vinyl records and reignited my love for French chanteuses Edith Piaf, Lucienne Boyer, and my all-time favorite Berthe Sylva. As I listened to the grande dames and sipped on a lovely Bonedeaux, I looked through the rest of my collection and noticed a lot of dog-themed album covers.

Perhaps a line in Berthe’s single, mon vieux Pataud, can explain why so many artists trust dogs to be the face of their album;

“Quand tu veux mordre on voit tes dents”, let me translate in case you don’t speak French, “When you want to bite your teeth are seen”.

When it comes to canines, what you see is what you get so a dog will always live up to the ideal of truth in advertising. Which also got me thinking…when I put out my first album, what might the cover look like?

Ruby the Dog in Paris