Mushrooms are a wonderful addition to so many of my favorite recipes. Pizza, steak, omelet, salad all have a commonality; these foods all taste better to me when topped with mushrooms. Depending on the variety of mushroom selected, the flavor added can be sweet, earthy, delicate, or meaty.

It was a real turning point in my relationship with mushrooms when I realized they needn’t be a sidekick, topping, or mere addition in a recipe. This nutrient-rich, low calorie, fat free flavorful fungi make the perfect main ingredient. With beautiful names like chanterelle, portabella and porcini, is it any wonder I frequently desire elevating this versatile vegetable to star status on my plate?

The seasons are changing, and September is National Mushroom Month, so this seems like the perfect time to pull together a mushroom recipe collection.

Happy National Mushroom Month!

1.  Pizza Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms – Oh My Veggies
2.  Mushroom Lasagna – Brown Eyed Baker
3.  Matar Mushroom Curry – Spice Up The Curry
4.  Wild Mushroom Pie With Parmesan Crust – Completely Delicious
5.  King Oyster Mushroom with Roasted Cherries and Sage – Herbivoracious
6.  Mushroom Risotto – Who Needs A Cape

These recipes all look so delicious that I will likely have a hard time deciding which one to make first. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to putting on some good music and getting to work in the kitchen cooking, baking and eating my way through this mushroom recipe list. My musical choice shan’t be hard to make though. I think The Main Ingredient by the late, great Shirley Horn is the perfect pairing to any one of these mushroom dishes, don’t you?