Have S’more! We’ve got an amazing roundup of S’mores #recipes hot off the grill. We’ve even got S’mores recipes for folks without a grill! Grab your appetite, gather round and Happy National S’mores Day!

Have you had s’mores yet this season? Did you know that August 10 is National S’mores Day? It’s true! I can’t think of a dessert more worthy of a day of celebration in the summer.

A delicious roundup of s'mores inspired #recipes from MyUntangled Life

For me s’mores conjure up great memories of beach vacations, warm-yet-starting-to-cool August nights, and delicious experiments with s’mores. Over the years my family moved from the standard combination of graham crackers, milk chocolate, and marshmallows to incorporating variations on the typical ingredients. We might use a cinnamon or chocolate graham cracker or try different chocolate elements (dark chocolate, chocolate with raisins or caramel, peanut butter cups) or even add grilled fruit. With all the great variations on marshmallows available now–like the creative offerings from my local confectioner, Sweet Lydia’s— I would love to try experimenting with different flavors for this element.

If outdoor s’mores aren’t in your future, there are even recipes for those of us who are without access to a grill. If basic s’mores aren’t quite your thing, there are a lot of great recipes from bloggers combining the basic elements into other formats like cookies, truffles, or cake. Really, with such great flavors, you can’t go wrong.

In celebration of National S’mores Day we’ve put together ten spins on the campfire classic. You’ll definitely want s’more.

National S’mores Day Recipes

1. How to create your own Gourmet S’mores Table from oh!party

National S'mores Day Recipes | Gourmet Smores Table

2. Indoor S’mores from Dessert for Two

National S'mores Day Recipes | Indoor Smores Recipe

3. S’mores Truffles from My Baking Addiction

National S'mores Day Recipes | Smores Truffles

4. Smores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups from Chocolate Moosey

National S'mores Day Recipes | Smores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

5. S’mores Bark from King Arthur Flour

6. S’mores Thumbprint Cookies from Frosting and a Smile

National S'mores Day Recipes | Smore Cookie Recipe

7. Campfire Brownie Ice Cream Cake from Recipe Girl

National S'mores Day Recipes | Campfire Cake

8. S’mores Ice Cream from Add a Pinch

National S'mores Day Recipes | Smores Ice Cream Recipe

9. Mini S’mores Tarts from Love and Olive Oil

National S'mores Day Recipes | Smores Tarts

10. S’mores Bars from The First Year

National S'mores Day Recipes | Smores Bars

For more ideas, check out my S’mores  Pinterest board!