Whether you are hosting a party or having a cozy night home alone with your sweetie, New Year’s Eve doesn’t just have to be about champagne. In fact, it is a good opportunity to try a new cocktail.

Sangrias are always easy to scale up for a group. If you would prefer to offer a few mixed drinks, make a menu of offerings and have ingredients on hand. If there will be just a few of you, choose something that complements your meal or that you know your friends have wanted to try. Or, choose cocktails with seasonal ingredients (cranberries or citrus).

Here are a few cocktails the MyUntangled Life crew are eager to try.

1. Cranberry & Rosemary Sangria (from Jerry James Stone, author of Holidazed: A Cocktail Cookbook for Getting Lit on Christmas)

Cranberry Rosemary Sangria

2. Cranberry Mimosa (from Who needs a cape?)

3. Mid-Winter Margarita  (from Food 52)

Mid-Winter Margarita

4. Coco Snowball Cocktail (from Food.com)

5. Festive Cranberry Fizz  (from the Kitchn)

Festive Cranberry Fizz

6. Christmas Spritz (from Cooking NYTimes)

7. Mulled Pear Sangria (from Katie at the Kitchen Door)

Mulled Pear Sangria

8. Blackberry Margaritas (from The Pioneer Woman)

9. Ginger Grapefruit Sparkler (from Garnish with Lemon)

Ginger Grapefruit Sparkler

10. Champagne Jello Shots (from Sweet tooth)

11. The Nor’easter Cocktail (from the Kitchn)

Nor'easter Cocktail - New Year's Eve Cocktails

12. Amaretto “Midnight Kiss” Parfaits (from The Cozy Apron)

13. Clementine & Sage Mule (from Joe McCanta on Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube)


You can find more ideas for New Year’s Eve cocktails on our Pinterest boards “Happy Hour Cocktails” and “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere“!