You were going to start your new workout plan yesterday but decided to wait until tomorrow. Thing is, today is that tomorrow you were talking about. What now? Perhaps you are feeling a little overwhelmed about where to begin or where to go. There are so many types of workouts available that designing your own fitness plan can be a daunting task. Money may be a factor as well and who wants to spend money they don’t have on fitness equipment they may not use? Barefoot at-home workouts may be the best place for you to start.

You were going to start your new workout plan yesterday but decided to wait until tomorrow. What now? Kick off your shoes and get untangled with some free barefoot at-home workouts with YouTube!

I know a lot of people start out strong every January, transforming from a couch potato to a fitness fanatic overnight. But they overdo it and change right back into a spud. Let’s face it, the couch can be persuasive when wooing…I love and miss you. Baby, please come back to me. My world is empty without you. And just like that the couch is holding you in its arms all night long again. Breaking up is hard to do. But you don’t have to go it alone.

Go ahead and kick off your shoes and join me for your first barefoot at-home workouts of 2018!

Once upon a time, I discovered I could work out with YouTube videos. I was doing a little research on ballet workouts when I came across a YouTube video for the New York City Ballet Workout. I spent the next hour thrilled to be performing pliés, tondus and relevés with real NYC Ballet dancers. This little ballerina wannabe was having tutu much fun. Now over a decade later, I am still hooked on this as one fantastic at-home fitness solution.

Maybe YouTube is exactly what you are looking for too? It’s a free and simple way to ease on down, ease on down the fitness road. I have selected a few videos to share with you that I really like. All of them can be done in a small space, require little to no equipment, and range in time between 15 and 50 minutes. And yes, they’re all done barefoot.

Denise Austin: Total Body Pilates Challenge

For something short in length to get you going, this video from Denise Austin is a standing Pilates workout that’s only 15 minutes long. She has a friendly and motivating style to her training. The set is pretty and it has an outdoor tropical resort feel! No equipment is required.

Cardio Barefoot Flow

Trainer Jessica Smith invites you into her own living room with Cardio Barefoot Flow. This 36 minute video mixes ballet, yoga and modern dance for one fun routine. Jessica is sweating right along with you since it is shot live. No equipment is required.

Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout

Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout with Tara Stiles is a 50 minute workout filmed outdoors in a beautiful desert setting. The yoga poses move from one to the next at a good pace. I felt limber and relaxed after this workout. Plus, the desert sunshine puts me in a warm and happy mood all year round! Exercise mat required.

So tell me, are you currently workin’ it out barefoot with me?

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2013 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.