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Gone Fishin' for #FarmtoTable Dog Food

My mom has always encouraged our family to make healthy lifestyle choices. Dad and I have a tendency to be, well, food motivated. He and I have also been known to occasionally suffer an allergic reaction at the mere mention of exercise. She, on the other hand, likes to eat well and her jazz hands never seem to tire during dance workouts. Her positive influence has paid off because we are all leading healthier and more active lives. As a diabetic 13-year-old senior dog I can attest to the powers of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Home Cooked Dog Food #farmtobowl

Natural Dog Food Diet

My mom developed a recipe for homemade dog food called Ruby Stewbie, following my diabetes diagnosis. She took great care to incorporate ingredients which rank low on the glycemic index. Packed with fiber and protein, low-glycemic foods cause a slow, steady digestion and keep blood sugar levels stable. My diet also includes dry food. Over the years I have tried different brands, and I recently checked out the all new Canine PowerFood™ by Only Natural Pet. You are going to want to check it out too.

#FarmtoBowl Just Fish Feast Canine PowerFood

I tried to reel in my excitement when the Just Fish Feast variety of Canine PowerFood™ arrived at my door, but this food, packed with protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids, smells and tastes so good! PowerFood™ also contains low-glycemic carbohydrates like garbanzos and lentils which are sourced from farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. These legumes provide healthy, long-lasting energy without spiking blood sugar. Delicious fruits and vegetables offer whole food sources of important vitamins and minerals. Each tasty kibble is infused with PowerBoost™, a raw, freeze-dried blend of superfoods like green lipped mussels, sea cucumbers, probiotics and pumpkin. It is corn, wheat, oat and soy-free and made with gluten-free ingredients. I love the fact that this allergy-friendly dog food was formulated by a holistic vet and is made in the USA. I am a red, white and blue heeler, after all. Canine PowerFood™ is available for purchase exclusively on www.onlynaturalpet.com, www.pet360.com, and www.petfooddirect.com beginning October 6th.

Only Natural Pet Canine PowerFood Dry Dog Food Ingredients #PawNatural

Exercise Your Healthy Habits Step by Step

I really enjoy walking my humans. We go on five scheduled walks a day. The funny thing is that mom scheduled three of the walks during times when only dad is available. Mom says that walking improves blood pressure, which is great for dad, and improves blood sugar levels, which is good for me, and helps us both maintain a healthy body weight. As a senior dog movement is so important to keep my hips and joints strong. Plus, exercising and having fun with the people you love is good for your heart in so very many ways.

Ruby Walking Dad - #PawNatural

Poor dad does not even realize the walking schedule manipulation. They say ignorance is bliss and I say he is one happy and healthy man.