I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I first wrote about Pinterest’s possible uses for business (Take this Board and Pin It!). At that time, the platform was exploding and as we rounded out 2012 it was clear that Pinterest is still growing…and changing. One of the more publicized changes ironically isn’t that much of a change at all…yet. A November post on their blog announced Pinterest Business accounts and a new site to sign up or convert your account at business.pinterest.com. The process is incredibly quick and simple, especially when you’ve got a handy video we put together ready to take you through the steps!

Set up or Convert Your Account

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”5oXXJAEKd_c”]

So What Now?

The most important change is in the ability to choose a business name, as opposed to fudging it with a First/Last Name combination of your business name (you know, like you did with personal Facebook profiles back in the day), or doing what we do by putting it under an actual person’s name. We haven’t converted our “official” Pinterest account yet mainly because I can’t decide on a name…The MyUntangled Blog, MyUntangledLife, MyUntangled Media…blah blah blah, but that’s a whole other blog post. However, when I DO make a decision, it means Mrs. Jacob Clayton will, in essence, lose her Pinterest account (sorry, honey…it’s just business). Other changes involve their Terms of Service which has been broken out to have a specific version for Business accounts.

Get to the Eye Candy

Lastly, they have rolled out some very cool new widgets and such to incorporate into your website, blog, etc. For example, check out this little widget which shows the latest pins from a specific board that users can get right to with a click.

There’s a similar widget for your profile and they can both be sized to fit your needs. They’ve also rolled out this very Twitter-esque follow button – Click this Cool Button! You can modify the text shown with some very simple code. We’ll be on the lookout for new updates and features, and if you’re in the Boston area and totally new to Pinterest, join me for my Intro class in March, you’ll be hooked!