While I am familiar with the saying, “it’s better to give than to receive”, I think it’s pretty fantastic when holiday gifts are picked out just for me. True, pets appreciate the simple things in life like a warm spot to nap, a pat on the head, or that extra walk at the end of the day with their new dog collar. So when a new toy or treat shows up, we are ecstatic! Make it a happy holiday for your faithful cat and dog friends with a little something special from my Seven Gifts For Pets.

1. Bon voyage! I can think of a couple of cats I would lovingly send on a one-way flight out of my neighborhood, like the orange Scottish Fold who behaves more like a peeping Tomcat by peering into my ground-level windows or the grey Burmese who gets into an attack pose every time I approach her. She does not scare me, but a smaller dog may get frightened. I am just looking out for the young pups in the neighborhood, I swear. Enter the rocket hooded cat bed and all my Amelia Cathart aspirations take flight!

Rocket Hooded Cat Bed

2. She had me at “woof”. Our young love story was just getting off the ground when she was quite literally picked up off the floor and whisked away in a stylish EliteField Soft-Sided Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag. Your canine cutie will look forward to short jaunts and long trips with you and breaking hearts along the way in this stylish tote that comes in a variety of colors.

EliteField Soft-Sided Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag


3. Fa la la la yum. Deer drops may not sound like a tasty treat to you, my human friends, but trust me when I tell you they are delicious! Fine, it’s highly unlikely you will give real deer drops to your canine friend as a holiday gift, but how about this Christmas Day dog treat assortment?

Christmas Day Dog Treat Assortment

4. Pizza’s here! Share a piece of the pie with the catnip-craving kitty in your life. Multipet is serving up fresh handmade slices of pizza all loaded with organic catnip. Your relaxed kitty will be left purring about the best pizza in town! And, yes, they do deliver.

MultiPet Pizza Cat Toy Assorted Colors

5. Is your pooch nauti or ice? For those of us living in colder climates, water turns to ice in the winter so the Blaze Dog Boots will keep our precious paws safe from harsh road salt and sand, treacherous snowy and icy sidewalks, and the threat of the dreaded frostbite. Once the ice thaws, we outdoorsy types can enjoy water sports and put safety first with the nautical print Paws Aboard Nautical Dog Life Jacket. Any beach-bound hound that is looking forward to hours of fun in the sun and surf next summer, may enjoy these dog goggles.

Shadyrays dog goggles

6. Laser-like focus. It’s no secret that cats love to chase laser lights across the floor, up the walls and onto the furniture they go! The FroliCat BOLT Laser Cat Toy gives your feline friend ample opportunity to experience the thrill of the laser light chase. The toy can be hand held or placed on a flat surface for your convenience. Happy hunting kitty, I know you will catch that red beam one of these days!

FroliCat BOLT Cat Toy

7. ID Tag! You’re it! I won’t ever forget the day my humans rescued me from the shelter. The truth is they act like I rescued them. I give unconditional love, affection & loyalty, and in return, I receive all of those things plus a warm home, food, toys, treats, fun outings, and the list goes on and on. I oblige them and just roll with it. The special cat or dog who rescued you will wear this pretty and practical I Rescued My Human Pet tag with pride.

I rescued my human dog tag

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